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Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Hi MarioI just saw a local ad for this TT. Which Lenco should I keep my eyes on for "the JN conversion"? 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Is the LENCO L85IC a candidate for Jean Natias' Lenco Phenomenon?? 
Need a list of TT with arms and motors seperate
So I guess the solution is to get a TT with little to no bearing noise? Which ones are they? 
What does "Dark Background " mean TT terminology
MarkphdThe description from "page 69 Aug,1993" makes a lot of sense. I guess I have to take it soemwhat in two ways.First: Dark = Very rich quality-As in Dark Chocolate, Dark coffee etc.Second: Dark = Very quiet-As in Dark winter night, Pitch- bla... 
What does "Dark Background " mean TT terminology
If I would take the statment "Emotionally envolving" literally, I have to say definitely. There were a couple of times where I played tracks that actually made my eyes water. It was so intense that it really hits your soul. Reminds me of the the m... 
What does "Dark Background " mean TT terminology
JohnnantaisIt's good to see that your always around to put in your 2 cents. Thanks for the explanation. Thanks to all that chimed in. I'm still looking for that audiophile dictionary though. 
What does "Dark Background " mean TT terminology
Well, F#$%k, Why can't they just say very quiet in between tracks. Geeeeeeez! 
Benz Ruby 2 vs Ruby 3
Ofcourse he'll say the 2 is better. If his selling the 3, what would you think he'll say? I presently own a Ruby 3 LOMC--It's a killer cart. At 3K, it better be. 
Help ...... excesssssssive sssssssssssssssssssss
"SIBILANCE" The presence of strongly emphasized s, sh, ch, z, j sounds in speech.Please keep us posted on the results. Learning experience me.Good luck. 
Analog vs. CDP: A fair comparison?
Are you getting rid of your CDP because you think--and heard from everybody that Analog sounds better than digital?? The answer is NO. ANALOG DOES NOT SOUND BETTER THAN DIGITAL. Some of my CDs still sounds better than my vinyl. The true answer is.... 
$3000 on Analog system - how to spread?
After reading all these I just realize mine is totaly out of wack. Here is my breakdown:12.8%------Arm, cables & isolation25.3%------Turntable1.86%------Cartridge60%--------Pnono StageBut....... I'm happy with my anaolg's performance 
I have not heard the Aries. The Superscout Master is the best TT I've ever own. I'm very happy with it's performace. The only thing I did was upgrade my center clamp--Not much difference in sonics, but I think my brass clamp with my custom cover l... 
I hear the radio..... on my turntable... help
Unplug all your components--I mean including RCA cables etc. Use cheater plugs on your preamp and amps. Plug all of them back in. There should be a difference or if your lucky all the radio frequency will be gone. It worked for me. Good Luck. 
best turntable under $5k
FrankCThank God you said "just enjoy the music". For a second there I thought you where going to say "Just buy a CD player" 
best turntable under $5k
PedrilloI guess VPI has been mentioned too many times in the past that is why it was only mention once here. I own a VPI Super Scout Master and I'm very happy with it. For $5200 or $5500 you can have a complete VPI SuperScout Master less cart. Phe...