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Has anyone tried a linear power supply with a Weiss 204 or 205?
@surround4life, yes 204/Plixir my current DAC, yes I feel the Plixir is an improvement in all ways, some subtle, but worthwhile  
Has anyone tried a linear power supply with a Weiss 204 or 205?
yes, Plixir w Weiss 204....beautiful  
Robert Plant
great talent in that band, great tunes....too bad the recording were lousy  
"Diminishing Returns"
+1 kennymacc!  BTW, I to own those speakers, and they are wonderful  
Help with streamer software
I use mconnect and mcontol for streaming and radio with the Airlens, no problem    
Steely Dan UHQR
never enjoyed Steely Dan -style, just saying....sounds like elevator music to me  
Higher-End Class A/B vs. Class A Integrateds
+1 piebaldpython I have owned a Pass Labs X250.8  I have only 87 db efficient speakers playing in quite a large room. I play at moderate volumes all kinds of music.  I HAVE NEVER seen the amp leave Class A on the meter....just saying...  
+1 @yage....manufacturer is sending an updated model which will have an way to adjust for jitter in the input  
@yage,  the only indication would be if power is interupted...we shall see what happens with a "better" streamer....the manufacturer of the DAC in question has created a fix, which I believe increases some sort of buffer to accept higher degrees a... 
@yage thank you for  this information and explanation. How then would you likely explain repeatable "dropout"when streaming only certain HR tracks. The drop out occurs in similar places each time, and on one DAC, but not another?  
trilogy stacked trilogy Martin Logan CLS w Vandersteen Sub Martin Logan CLS II w Vandersteen Sub Von Schweikert VR 4.5 Silver Revel Salon 2(current)    
my new DAC exhibits dropout on a few HD tracks that my old DAC does not. The manufacturer of the new DAC says it is from excessive jitter being received from my streamer, and will adjust the buffer....I will see if this is correct when I try a new... 
dropout streaming
The manufacturer seems to be exploring the possibility that my streamer has too much jitter, but I am skeptical. I don’t get dropout on my other DAC. I will try another streamer soon .  I don’t get dropout when I use it as DAC for CD playback   
dropout streaming
@jl35 , well, I have never had a complaint during my experience with Qobuz, and Im 99.99% certain my current problem is NOT Qobuz  
dropout streaming
SO, the problem is ONLY with this particular DAC; when I switch back to my Benchmark, it does not occur....I dont want to say anything negative about the DAC brand, as so far the owner of the company has been responsive and I am sure it will  be a...