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Turntable Pre-Echo Sound....?
actually it's called 'print- through' for reasons that may be obvious .... 
Mogami Speaker cable question
i think a lot of people very heavily overestimate the opinions of recording engineers - if you only knew how some of these guys operate - you wouldn't hold them in such high regard. Honestly Mogami stuff is OKAY - it's not bottom of the barrel but... 
Well tempered question?
Yes Vicdamone is right... the Well Temperedā„¢ fluid uses very special Semantic Moleculeā„¢ technology that uses special atoms from a virgin source that is completely different from other 'Silicone' fluids ... in fact the laws of chemistry and physics... 
Exposure vs Exposure
for the record - I have the 2010s and an XX Super integrated (supposed to be quite good from the farlowe era) and I find the 2010s to be MUCH better - it could be that my XX needs service but i'm not sure about that - I think the stereophile revie... 
Just goes to show that sentimentality trumps 'ears' every time. It's practically an epidemic in the 'high end' community. We will always find reasons to rationalize something either sentimental or 'cool looking' over something that actually does a... 
speakers for exposure 2010s
I'm using Audio Physic Tempos. Just stunning. I couldn't be happier. 
Any reason not choose an Apogee Duet?
The Duet is an EXTREMELY good DAC. Better than most 'audiophile' DACs costing many times more. Apogee has spent DECADES on making the very best converters in the business. They are definitely at the head of the pack and only a few surpass them in ... 
Cheap and chearful integrated for Epos ES14
I'm driving my ES14s with an Exposure 2010S - talk about the best of all possible worlds! It beats out my old mid-level naim system and comes very close to my experiences with a Spectral/Audio Physic system I used to run wayyy back. No joke. Stunn... 
Totem vs Audio Physic / Schweikert
Milpai - it's okay- this is the internet - NOTHING IS IN REAL TIME...! 
advice? Value of Gold Aero 7308s??
oh - well i better dig the others out of my box of 7308s then..! thanks. funny how the times change with hemlines.. 
Reference 3A speakers
Yes - they have to be used with a sub - the corian versions are also prone to crumbling to pieces too. so maybe not a good used speaker. I'd buy new and expect a lifespan of 10 years maybe. 
Totem vs Audio Physic / Schweikert
I would imagine that to be the case (about the arros vs yaras) - the audio physic speakers I've heard are quite different from 'the norm' shall we say. In a very good way of course.