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No discussion about the Synergistic Pink fuse?
People grow tired of buying the latest and greatest fuse only to learn months later of yet another. I won’t take anything away from a product that improves results, but one grows tired of the continual product churn. I got off the buss at the Oran... 
Eversolo DMP -A8 Server,Dac, Streamer,Preamp - best bang for the Buck
It is Chinese. People’s Republic of China, to be more specific. And, it resides on your network. Has anyone stablished if these present a security risk? Or not?      
Magnepan .7 Alternatives
I don't respond often on the forum here but thought I would try and help. I brought home a demo pair of .7s for a 3-day trial. They sounded great and I decided tto order a pair from the dealer. I had the dealer hold onto them for 3 weeks after th... 
Tube Integrated Under 1,500
My experience with the Willsenton R8 is totally different than what shtinkydog encountered. A friend of mine asked me to buy an R8 for him and have it delivered to my home. This was to prevent the bark, bite, and beatin' he might get from the wife... 
Need Amp recommendation
There is a GAS Son of Ampzilla for sale on US Audiomart. I have been involved in high end audio for over 40 years and started off with a Son of Ampzilla and Maggie SMGa speakers. While I have had some 30-odd amps through the years, I held onto the... 
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
Ted - How about giving some kind of credit or discount to those distributors and customers that purchased your black, red, blue, and orange fuses previously?   I understand progress but this product churn is turning many people off.  
Tidal also has a nice discount available for U.S. military veterans.  
Late Night Jazz
Thanks to everyone I now have a larger catalog to stream in. A couple back your way in appreciation is Bill Charlap - Notes From New York, and Uptown Downtown. Real tasty, well recorded, laid back piano jazz.  
My list of seller red flags
My indicator of true marketing skills is when seller posts an ad that reads, "If you are looking at this, then you know what it is all about."Or, whenever I see "stunning" in ads or reviews, for that matter. So, you are selling it because it is "s... 
Amp / Pre-Amp for Sonus Faber Serafino
Take a day, take a trip, take some time, and listen to what both of them will do on the Serafinos. The Sound Environment in Omaha sell both Gryphon and McIntosh, as well as Sonus faber.I am a sucker for meters and always lusted after McIntosh. Aft... 
What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?
Duntech or Dunlavey speakers rarely seen. 
High resolution digital is dead. The best DAC's killed it.
...and to each, their own road. 
I live in Omaha. I could check things out for you, Will. 
To Power Condition or Not to Power Condition?
I have had power conditioning in some form or another from the Chang Lightspeed, PS Audio AC regenerators, even tried one of Bybee's AC conditioners. I just didn't seem to hear that much of a difference to be confident I wasn't trying to fool myse... 
Are Ohm-Walsh micros and 1000 series disrespected because of omni-directional design??
I am a big fan of omnidirectional speakers - when they are executed in a proper fashion. The sound just happens naturally where it doesn't get thrown at you with a shovel.  I ordered a set of Ohm speakers and was disappointed. I sent them back. Th...