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Help with VTL TL 5.5 Preamp
Perhaps the sharp and edge treble that you hear may be coming from another component, maybe from your source. I've never felt the sound of VTL to be harsh. I've also owned Conrad Johnson preamp before, and I agree VTL is probably polar opposite of... 
Help with VTL TL 5.5 Preamp
When I had TL-5.5 I did quite a bit of tube rolling. I tried the OEM JJ, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips Mini Watt, JAN GE 5751, and finally found RCA 12AX7. RCA was the most musical sounding tubes with smooth highs. I found Wurlitzer branded RCA tub... 
Time for a new DAC?
I haven't heard Mk4, but I used to own AA DAC1 Mk3. Now I own Ayre QB-9. QB-9 is the best digital I have heard in my system. Also keep in mind that not all USB DACs are the same. In addition to the superior jitter control, Ayre also incorporates t... 
Music server with analog input?
If you just want to listen to HDTV audio in another room maybe the easiest thing is to get wireless speakers.In order to generate digital stream from analog stereo source, you'll need hardware device called ADC (analog to digital converter) to dig... 
Can the Harbeth 40.1's boggie ?????
IME the soft dome tweeters sound easy on the ears, but they don't boogie. The metal dome tweeters have come a long way, and the newest Beryllium tweeters don't sound harsh like older Aluminum and Titanium tweeters. They completely get out of their... 
It's the Sony XA5400ES the best CDP under 4k
Does your XA5400ES sound thin compared to what other CD player? I can't imagine anyone describing XA5400ES to sound thin, although I can understand the incorrect generalization that Sony CD players could all sound thin. 
Would you pay to listen?
I wouldn't pay money to audition in the premise of paying money to listen to high end system. But as a form of entertainment it could work. People pay similar amount of money just to play billiard, watch movies or enter clubs. I wouldn't mind hang... 
First Watt to Pass Labs
I went from F5 to XA30.5. In my system F5 sounded more delicate and detailed, but didn't have enough power to drive my Electras. XA30.5 sounds warmer, more dynamic and has excellent bass control.Although First Watt and PASS labs amps are from the ... 
Accustic Arts DAC I-MK3 & hi-rez audio files?
If you do plan on using USB interface from computer, then Ayre QB-9 should be on your very short list. I've owned AA DAC1 mk3. It's a nice DAC but Ayre is just very special. 
Sony scd-xa777es vs scd-777es?
SCD-777ES is single ended version of SCD-1. SCD-XA777ES is later model with multi channel output. Sound wise I would think the XA5400ES is better than either of them. ;) 
Component Video cables vs HDMI
When the HDMI cable can be had for less than $10 there is no reason not to get one. You get the convenience of one cable carrying all the video and audio signal. More often than not HDMI video will look better than component video. 
HDCD may or may not be manipulating 16th bit, but it sounds just fine on a non-HDCD decoding player. From what I heard it's using special noise shaping algorithm to extract close to 20 bits in certain audio spectrum. Probably similar to what Merid... 
HDMI 1.3a vs. 1.4a
As far as the cable is concerned, HDMI 1.3 cables typically have enough bandwidth to support HDMI 1.4 signals. HDMI 1.4 cables are needed if you want to utilize HDMI ethernet. Otherwise high quality HDMI 1.3 cables should be good enough. 
"They are here" vs. "You are there"
To me most studio recordings sound like "there are here", and most live recordings sound like "you are there". It's probably caused by the extra cues for space and ambiance I'm not familiar with. I don't think it has to do much with the quality of... 
suggestions for preamp/amp combos
I too love my VSi60. Amazing amp.