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USB output on latest Bluesound Node
I didn't really do anything.  I ran the update from the app and then the usb worked.  Sorry I can't be of more help. - Bob  
USB output on latest Bluesound Node
I have the same Node.  I was told to unplug it, remove the coax and hook up the USB cable.  It worked for me. Somewhere in the menu section of the app are also some settings.  USB sounded better on my system. - Bob  
Streamer/DAC combinations
The current Node model has USB out.  It's what I use as in my system, USB sound better than spdif. - Bob  
Borresen Loudspeakers
I attended the Pacific NW Audiofest last summer.  Lots of overly loud rooms, questionable music with the once in a while random room playing music I liked at a volume I could tolerate.  After most of a day I found myself downstairs on the main fl... 
Addpowr coherence sale.
So I can can call and get a coupon code?  Or are they online somewhere? Thanks!  
Rutherford Audio
Thank you for your replies.  - Bob  
High End CD Player / Transport - BLUE Anodized Chassis? - 2000's? - unsolved mystery?
Was it a typical rack mount / shelf sized player or something like the Madrigal Proceed? I'm curious as to what you are looking for.  
Streamer question
audphil1, Thank you.  I thought I was using the ipad as a remote control and that the Qobuz and Spotify apps in the Bluesound were still running.  I'll give it a try today.    
Help settle a streaming argument!
I am getting more from this thread than most.  Thank you all! I'm getting the itch and ran an experiment. I have a Bluesound Node, current model using usb out to a highly modified MHDT Orchid dac. I have Dali Epicon 8 speakers, Luxman 509x inte... 
Streamer question
More clarification here. If I want to listen to Spotify or Qobuz I access their app on my Ipad.  I do not use the Bluesound software at all.  When I log in to either service it recognizes the Blusound as an output device so I select it.  I am us... 
Streamer question
Thank you all for your replies.  I need to clarify; I use the Node for streaming only.  The output goes to a highly modified MHDT Orchid. All I really want is a better streamer and I'd like the option of using the Spotify app or the Qobuz app an... 
Dali speakers
I've had the Epicon 8's for almost three years now.  They replaced a pair of Quad 2805 that were completely rebuilt by Electrostatic Solutions.If you listen to jazz, vocals and small groups, Quads are for me, the standard of low level listening.  ... 
Spotify HiFi
I've tried Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.  Of the four, Spotify had the inferior sound quality but by far, by far has the best curating algorithms.I consistently found more music I wanted to hear with Spotify than any of the others.  I'm all th... 
Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!
Would you still use a power conditioner with one of these?  Or would it be moot? 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
Another Grannyring fan here.I love how this thread is developing.  Gonna wait awhile longer and may give tube rolling a go.  I'm using the WE tube now.- BobPS - Bill, bbq'd a pastrami yesterday.  Off the charts!