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Has anyone replaced their speakers with Kii Three/BXT?
I’ve been using a pair of Kii Threes after deciding to simplify and move to streaming from an elaborate vinyl and cd system. Past systems were Pass Labs active Rushmore , Chord Dave, and Gryphon preamps, Linn LP12 , Naim, Audio Research etc., Orph... 
Anyone using AC regenerator with Kii Three’s?
This answer may be 2years late, but I’ve successfully used the PS Audio P5 and it works very well. There is no issue with power as the amps in the speaker are very efficient.. works for 2 speakers.The sound quality takes a jump in both spaciousnes... 
Preamp to go with Pass Labs Rushmore Speaker
I have found the Audio Research Reference range (Ref 3 or 5) of preamps to work very well and is a safe bet with the Rushmore's, which I have been using for a number of years now. The SMC Vre-1 may be better but ultra sensitive to cabling and sour... 
Any better DAC then dCS Scarlatti?
Murataltuev, I use mainly Clearaudio Magix magnetic levitation pucks combined with Black Diamond Racing platforms for anti vibration. As for power, PS Audio Power Plant Premiere and JPS Labs cables. 
Any better DAC then dCS Scarlatti?
I have been using the Orpheus Heritage for a while now and agree with Geopolitis that it is probably one of the best DAC in the world. There are other contenders of course, but get the source, power chord and anti-vibration platform right, and it ... 
Active speakers. What to choose?
Alexander, the Rushmore dimensions are probably still available at the Pass website.... but they are extra heavy as they use granite baffles! If not, please PM me and I can send you the PDF brochure and manual, or anything else you may need to kno... 
Active speakers. What to choose?
I saw this thread a bit late. FWIW I have owned the Rushmore's for a few years now. If I had the space, I would buy another set for surround. They are that good!Just that the problem with active speakers is that they tend to be ultra transparent t... 
Any better DAC then dCS Scarlatti?
What would be really interesting is a comparison between GTE and Wadia 922. Both use 8 x Burr Brown 1704K per channel in what seem to be similar technologies, and both use dual mono DAC boxes. The Wadia is of course much cheaper. 
Review: Wadia Series 9 DA converter
Thanks for the review! Is there much of a difference from using stock or specialist optical cables? If so what are the differences? Also there was a review of the 921 in the Absolute Sound which wasn't exactly glowing. Did you manage to compare th... 
New Wadia 381i vs Puccini
Egidus, have you compared the USB input to running off the transport? Is there much of a performance difference? 
dCS Scarlatti vs Wadia 931+921
Classicjazz thanks for the response! Can you please tell us more about treble air on the Wadia... say on cymbals and violin timbre, and its acoustic space? Did the clear transients make it sound too mechanical compared to the others? Also, why did... 
dCS Scarlatti vs Wadia 931+921
Even comparisons with the Wadia 922 would be interesting. This would be the ultimate shootout! Please, anybody has compared either..even with other high end DACs such as Meridian... I would also like to know. 
Has anyone heard the VPI Classic yet
Any comparison against a Raven or even a Linn Sondek would be great. Please.. 
The loss of a true audio pioneer...Don Wadia Moses
Hear hear! One of my first digital machines was an early Wadia. It was the first device that convinced me of the viability of digital as an alternative to vinyl. How ahead of his time he was, with the Digimaster software and other forward thinking... 
Review: SMc VRE-1 Preamplifier
Dott_c,I would be interested to hear how the VRE1 compares to the ARC ref3. What were the main differences, pros and cons that you heard? Your comments would be really valuable due to my inability to audition the VRE1. (But I own the Ref3).