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WAF - Wife Acceptance Factor
If your wife's first name starts with C, you may be a very lucky guy because she is currently shopping for some serious hi-end gear for you and you do not know it. You also do not know how much she is about to fork out to buy some of my gear not l... 
laptop to analog, any suggestions?
another vote for the Fubar II 
Who makes speakers with relaxed high freq.?
Spekers offering treble setup +-3 db. That should take care of it. BC Acoustic A series offer 5 tweeter settings, +3, +1.5, 0, -1.5, -3 dB..check the A1 and A2.5, maximum WAF too. 
Monitor with Portal Panache & Rega Planet?
Jazz, Classical.... JM Reynaud, tough to beat...best value Twin MkIII or Sig, best overall Offrandes. 
Monitors for Sim integrated
Totem are voiced with a Sim made amplifier, Totem Amber. Pick your poison in the Totem line! 
multi-channel solution
Thanks, any integrated out there that exist? sorry if this sounds stupid!