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Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
Bel Canto Design Ref600M. They were amazing. I used them with Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinum. Just amazing. 
Is pre-amp getting killed?
@hk_fan what would be your recommendation for the DAC and Pre for Dynaudio Confidence C4 speakerswith BelCanto Monoblock e600 amp 
Bel Canto ACI600 vs Black EX Sepates
@keoliphant¬†Did you decide? I'm in the market for a Pre-amp and a DAC. My dealer suggested Bel Canto EX DAC as well. I was planning to go with Ref 6 + PS Audio Direct Stream DAC but now I'm confused. I may need to listen to this. Since I see very ... 
What used speakers raraely come up for sale
Vandersteen Quattro¬† 
Class D options
I have the Bel Canto REF 600. They sound really amazing with my Dynaudio Confidence C4's. The review stated it very well. I really like the sound. This is my first Class D AMP and I cannot believe how good they sound.Ravi 
This is for Georgehifi especially but others can chime in.
I have Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinum powered by T+A V10 V2 ( Tube AMP). I really liked the sound. Upper and Mid was really good. I wanted to try a solid state for Dynaudio. I was considering Pass Labs 250.8 and Bel Canto e600M. After reading ama... 
McIntosh MC402
Thank you effischer 
Speakers for 15K - Discounts
I bought my Cronus Magnum 2 from them. It was really a pleasant experience. I'll go and talk to them this week. Thank you. 
Speakers for 15K - Discounts
Thanks for all the suggestions