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Volume level mystery - can you solve it?
I think the mystery is solved. I used the (tiny) button in the back and everything now seems normal. The moral of the story is, always read the manual no matter how poor it is. Thank you to everyone for your helpful and interesting suggestions. 
Volume level mystery - can you solve it?
One other possible solution to the mystery: from looking at the owner's manual I see that there is a small button on the back of the unit that switches from balanced to unbalanced. I have cabled the unit for unbalanced, but never checked to see wh... 
Volume level mystery - can you solve it?
Gunbei, I no longer have my old amps, but wouldn't higher impedance require turning the volume up higher on the preamp? 
Volume level mystery - can you solve it?
Here are some gain, impedance and other stats. For those who know about these things, perhaps they help answer the question. Gain looks approximately similar across the board, but input impedance looks different, although I can't interpret the inf... 
$2000 budget -- what to buy?
The guy lives in New York City. 
Need help connecting headph. amp to cdp or preamp
I tried connecting the headphone amp to the tape out on my pre, but still no luck. I have checked and rechecked the connections and they are fine.My CDP is connected to the direct outs on the preamp. The headphone amp is connected to the tape outs... 
PS Audio's Ultimate Outlet
because it adversely affects the sound. 
Anyone heard of Monitor Audio R100?
That seems to be all about "Advanced Visual Systems" and has no threads that I can find. 
Help with CD player 1000
I own the Linn Genki and it's superb. You can find it in great shape used for about $1000 on Audiogon. 
Grado SR-225 or Sennheiser HD580?
I've heard that you can improve your 225 by getting the much better pads they use on their entry level SR-60s. Supposedly about $10. 
Has anyone tried Nakamichi Soundspace 3?
That runs around $349, though (refurbished for $229 from Hifi.com). Maybe you're better off just plugging a walkman into the basic 88 unit and saving $200. 
Has anyone tried Nakamichi Soundspace 3?
It's a lot less expensive. 
What should I plug my system into?
NAIM recommends something called the Wiremold power strip. There's an interesting piece about power conditioning etc. on their website. See http://www.naimusa.com/power.html. 
Are Linn Tukans a bit on the bright side?
I'm using Linn K400 wire and Linn analogue interconnects. The room isn't a padded cell, but it has a floor rug and is lined with books. Cable and interconnect upgrade suggestions welcome (within reason)! 
Linn's advice about bi-amping; question
Your biamping instructions were perfect, although I had to cannibalize a pair of interconnects from my tuner (how much are Linn analog inteconnects??). The sound is a bit fuller and the bass a little more pronounced, but I wouldn't say I notice an...