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Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
Michael Jackson's This is It! Awesome sound and great PQ to boot. 
Bel Canto ref 500m vs NuForce 9se v3
I sold my Bel Canto Ref 1K after 6 months of ownership for the Nuforce MCH-3SE. In my set up and preference, there was no comparison. The Nuforce is a lot more extended and higher resolution from top to bottom, has better bass control (higher damp... 
Audyssey MultiEQ
Kal's right. Sad but true... I am in the same shoe but can't hold my breath for Onkyo/Integra to do what's right for their customers. 
Review: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC DA converter
I've had the EE DAC in my system for a period of a few weeks--break-in for my buddy. It provided a very enjoyable musical experience to say the least. I am now looking at the Audio GD NFB-1 or Ref 9 at the moment and wonder how they would compare. 
What's the latest word on the Emotiva UMC-1?
Rob,Which Onkyo model did this UMC-1 beat in your comparison? Just curious.Kenobi 
Shanling DAC 50
This piece got my attention based on looks alone. Stunningly beautiful and a nice touch with the volume control and on/off on the dial of the columns. Like to hear more testimonials from those with experience.Kenobi 
How to replace B&W 805s top tweeter
I had the original 805 but didn't mess with it in anyway. I would think you'll need to first remove the mid/bass driver to gain access. It appears that it's probably secured from inside the box. It wouldn't hurt and could possibly save you some do... 
Best Subwoofer you've ever heard???
Have you looked into the Seaton Submersive HP (now w/ higher power rating)? Many with JL Fathoms, SVS Ultras and many other high-powered subs have migrated to the Submersives with success in both HT and music. Good luck,Kenobi 
You're selling that? But you just got it
Thanks gents. This is much needed.Kenobi 
World's BEST ac outlets.......Maestro outlets
Hi Hifi,Thanks for your observation on this outlet. You just gave me an itch now to try this outlet. Will be interesting to see if it will boogie with my system as it is balanced now.Best regards,Kenobi 
Tweaks to Add A Little Treble Emphasis...
FIM 888 outlet to bring in the highs 
Your opinion: Teslaplex or Oyaide R1 Outlet
I have two Teslaplex installed in my system. It is very neutral and dynamic. For my subwoofer and projector, it is perfect. For my amp and source however, I had to re-arrange my other outlets to accommodate its addition in order to reduce brightne... 
Is JL best sub for the money?
Hate to burst the JL bubble but many have sold off their JL's (some in multiples) after they experienced Mark Seaton's Submersive subs. I have a Submersive and just a happy customer with no affiliation with company. However, I do not have direct e... 
Have you heard of EMOTIVA?
I had their LMC-1/LPA-1 combo and then the DMC-1/MPS-1 combo. Good components for the price but don't expect miracles. I have since moved on from these products but friends and family members still have their LMC-1/LPA-1 combo.Kenobi 
Any Blu Ray players made in the USA?
I thought the Lexicon is based on the Oppo player itself--which comes from China also.Kenobi