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Any experiences with Theta TLC?
I used one of these a long, long time ago. I thought it made a worthwhile improvement that justified the price at the time. 
Has anyone tried the Synergistic Research PHT?
I noticed differences. The blue one took the sound in a direction I didn't like at all. I nearly yanked it immediately - that's how noticeable it was.I liked what I heard from the purple one, but the improvement wasn't significant enough to justif... 
JRiver MC for Mac -- Any users here?
Audirvana Plus (A+) sounds more transparent to me - particularly in the highs. I think this is likely due to A+ having direct mode, which bypasses Core Audio. JRMC can't currently bypass Core Audio. 
PS3 & the SACD
I have somewhere around a terabyte of files ripped from SACDs. Sound quality varies, but the very best of these represent the very best sound I get from digital. Same is true of purchases from HDTracks. The best sounding DSD is it least on par wit... 
Review Stillpoints Ultra Mini
Agree that 4 are better than 3. Once I pulled the 3 from under my phono stage and used these to get to 4 under DAC, preamp, and amp. Nice bump in performance. Getting to 4 under everything will come after I address a few things first. I still have... 
Review Stillpoints Ultra Mini
I have Ultra SS under all my components and speakers. A few weeks ago I substituted Ultra Minis for the SS under my DAC.Dynamics flattened a bit with the Minis - how obvious this was surprised me. Music was just less impactful. Micro-dynamics were... 
Stillpoints under a turntable?
The Stillpoints cones brought significant improvements under the motor of my VPI Aries 3. A no-brainer. 
Does the VPI Aries1 best the VPI Classic1?
The Aries 3 was a HUGE step up from my original Aries. The original Aries is not in the same league at all. 
VPI PLC question
This sounds like the problem I had with my PLC. It eventually got worse and actually made the sound worse. I would expect yours to get worse too. Hopefully you didn't spend a lot for yours.The PLC was discontinued well over a decade ago when the S... 
Lyra Kleos and VPI Aries 3 - will this work
Maxh - you are making the right move to stick with VPI. The Aries 3 was a significant upgrade from my Aries 1, so the suggestions that their tables went downhill after the Aries 1 is more advice you should ignore. The Lyras are great too. I could ... 
Quality of Analogue Productions pressings
The AP reissue of "Come Away with Me" is stunning. No voice breakup on my copy. 
Lyra Kleos and VPI Aries 3 - will this work
I have used three different Lyras with my Aries 3 / JMW 10.5: Skala, Helikon and Helikon mono. All have performed splendidly. No sibilance problems whatsoever. In fact I would say it's quite the opposite. The performance is outstanding in this are... 
Experience with the Pass Labs XP-15 phono stage?
How much time did you spend optimizing load? That you would report that it emphasized the treble over the midrange suggests this may not have been dialed in.My XP-15 was never ever bright. Which cartridge do you have? 
Any Audirvana Plus enthusiasts out there?
I also noticed a nice improvement moving to 1.5.4. Amazing how this app keeps getting better. 
Experience with the Pass Labs XP-15 phono stage?
I also give it the highest recommendation. And I also got mine from Mark at Reno HiFi. It was a superb transaction.The XP-15 was a tremendous upgrade from my Xono. Tone and timbre both improved quite significantly. I couldn't be more pleased.