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Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
What about Magnetbox, Panaphonic and Sorny ?  
Electrical issues with Philips GA 212 Electronic
I had one back in the day and learned that this unit must have the correct light bulbs to function properly.At the time the correct bulb were not easy to come by. Similar bulbs from Radio shack did not work.But if they do not draw the correct curr... 
Since solder is such a poor conductor, why use it?
The purpose of solder is to exclude air and thereby oxidation from the joint.The connection should be first made mechanically and electrically sound, then soldered.Crimped connections can also be effective in excluding air. 
Anyone use solar power?
The waveform of the power output of a solar panel inverter could hardly be any more noisy.Some are just 60hz square waves, some are "three step" and even the best have major power output at multiples of 60hz, up to and beyond 2,000hz. Waveform qua... 
Are all craiglist used ads scam?
I use Craigslist all the time and find good deals regularly.If you consider all the effort involved in selling something to a party you have never met, packaging, shipping, PayPal fees and the rest, it often makes sense to sell something for signi... 
Anti static guns
For what it's worth,In dry weather or during the heating season, if I point my Zerostat at my arm, I can feel the hairs standing up, so I know it is working. 
User's manual for a NAD 5040 turntable
If any place has it, it will be Vinyl Engine.Check there first.Ken 
Machina Dynamica
Sufficiently advanced marketing hyperbole is indistinguishable from self delusion. 
CDs: Deep Storage
The Large Flat Rate boxes from the Post Office will hold about 65 Single Cds nicely, and they are free. 
Best and Worst names in Audio
Audio Pimp had something to offend everyone. 
Best reasonably priced classic hi-end tuner
Check out the Carver TX-11a.They can be had at a very reasonable price. 
Best reasonably priced classic hi-end tuner
Check out a Carver TX-11a.Can be had very reasonably. 
How many switches do you have to flip the play a CD?
Just two.Open tray also brings the CD player and the linked amp out of standby..Add the CD, hit play and I'm done, if I don't need to adjust the volume or pick a track.Ken 
Storm Sandy - best wishes
Here in Boston, we have had about a inch of rain as of 6PM and a few hours of stiff wind.Fair number of trees down in the neighborhood, and power is out here and there, really just block by block around here.I lost 1/2 a tree and had had a small r... vs. Stereo Times
On several occasions, I have read a 6moons review and thought to myself, "I'd like to meet their dealer."And I don't mean their audio dealer.Ken