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Ethernet cables
Don’t you know that depends on cables , some 0s are rounder then others ? Lots of people here are not for science, but for validation of their feelings...      
Mesh network versus a simple Wi-Fi extender
It's all comes to one simple  WIFI mistake people make .  they try to save money on the router, and then try to compensate for mediocre  performance with extenders and mesh systems. Buy a good triband router with good coverage, It will cover the h... 
Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse Holder
SKEPTIC is awesome !  
Was my friend given misinformation.
it seems to me that your friend is trying to build a Home Theater system. there are  2 positive things , speakers can be bi-amped and Denon Audyssey MultEQ XT32(room correction soft with microphone ) adjusts the speakers to the best sound . I sugg... 
Cable recommandations
JasenBorn  is right...  
Best progressive rock album side
What's a good amount of time to have my preamp unplugged before I swap out tubes?
you can replace the tubes right away... just don't burn your fingers . capacitors charge is not an issue. you can use gloves if you want . there is no difference if you replace tubes immediately or in 24 hours period.  
Turn off or leave on?
makes me wonder if any of you got electronics training ... 1. there is no harmful effect to non-tube equipment to turn it on or off (unless somebody decides to sit and push the power button on/off for 2-3 hours ) thus, to save electricity turn it... 
Go Cat8!    
Go Cat8!
i"m sure any CAT8 cable will be fine... regardless of the manufacturer  .as of connectors, any gold plated  is also fine. Don"t  get sucked into multi-hundred dollar adventure   
I Don't Want to be an Audiophile, What am I...
two groups of people are here... lucky ones , who listen to the music  and bastards audiophiles, who listen to hardware ...  you pick your own  designation  😀  
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Did somebody say Carver and Energy?Damn ! Are you a brother from another mother ?Spot on , man ! LOL ! 
Best kept secret in AC line filtering conditioning
there is no background noise in my system ... with volume all the way up and my ear flat to the speaker  ! 
How are most audiophiles going from streamers to DACS
why not ?  i think it is the best possible solution 
How are most audiophiles going from streamers to DACS
ghdprentice569 posts08-18-2021 9:06amDo not use optical, that is a rule of thumb.