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Cello Master Power Supply
Does anyone have voltage info on color terminals from Master Supply?Current capacity needed to power Audio Suite would be helpful.Thanks,Ki 
April Music Stello Ai500 or Esoteric AI-10 Integ.
I haven't heard the Esoteric int in person but the April Music Ai500 was a stunner driving a pair of difficult Maggie 20.1s at the CES couple of years ago.I am Nottingham Dais user as well.Ki 
Cello Master Power Supply
Does anyone have a lead in a Cello Master Power Supply (working or not) that might be for sale?Thanks. 
Speaker question for RMAF attendees
Hi Salinas212:Did you buy the Raidho C1.0s after your search?Thanks,Ki 
mbl 101e vs 116f vs 111f
I had heard the 111F in RMAF in 2009 and was so impressed with its sound from normal CDs like Bill Joel's Stranger they were playing, I had to return three times. Then few months later, I visited MBL room at the CES with 101E MkIIs playing, and it... 
B&W 800 Signiture
Kappyman:If you can see and hear the 800 Sigs for $5K, I would jump on it. I would have thought the going price on Agon would be around $10K for the Sigs.I have a pair of N800s that are supposed to share same guts but plain cosmetic finish. Even w... 
Magnepan, How Low Can You Go...power-wise
If you have the should try quality tube amps. By a chance, I tried mere 34w/ch Marantz 8B to my 20.1s and it is still driving them in my 26D x 29W x 8H room in reasonable listening level. I've been searching for a tube amp with similar... 
Beatles Remasters compared to 1 gr. Hits os 02
This link has some good info on the new Beatles remasters. 
Replace Sony SCD-1 with Cambridge for CD
In playing CD or SACD on my ole SCD-1, I used to load the disc and had to take a "lunch" while it thinks about playing music...and playing it eventually. Other than that, it was a great player. 
Bel Canto Service and Customer Support Quality
I second Matt at Bel Canto is one of the best!Ki 
Sound Labs - Opinions
Had a pair of younger A1s. Sent them to the factory for complete update.The A1s gave me the best natural bass ever in my room and the overall the best performance with Bryston 7B amps and Pass X600s.However, even in a relatively modestly sized roo... 
DAC recommendation?
Please consider April Music stello DA100 Signature DAC. It is compatible to most of modern digital interfaces including I2S and has full balanced and unbalanced output circuits with discrete devices. Many people are using for Sonos and PC as digit... 
How many People own Working Reel to Reel Decks?
After trying out most of the good digital sources and LPs, the idea of finding a way to get closer to the ultimate master tapes that were used to make the those nice CDs and LPs, triggered my interests in tapes. There are significant developments ... 
Pacific Northwest Audio Society
Hi Jerry:I met you at Mike L's place last year. It seems the Tape Project gathering is on Monday instead of normally published second Thursday of each month.Is it correct? I like to be there.Ki 
Headroom ultra microdac, Benchmark Dac1 or other?
Hi Tjnindc:Please consider adding April Music's stello DA100 Signature with USB and I2S inputs.Many of our customers are using DA100 (without I2S) for distributed music set up.Thanks,KiApril Music.