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Any experience with Thrax as a preamp?
Know this is an old thread. Noted mbump eventually upgrades to VAC sig preamp.Mbump, would you mind to share what other preamps you have tried and what made you decided to upgrade to VAC sig? 
Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2
Just an update, i am agreeable with the opinions above about Valhalla 2. I like Valhalla 2 sound in my system. I have purchased 2 of the power cord and 1 XLR. In the future, I looking to change the speaker cable too 
Tara Labs Muse or Nordost Valhalla 2
Unfortunately zero evolution is out of my budget. And hard to get Tara labs home demo at my place.Good point that the preamp is the weak link. I am waiting for successor of 2850 or 3850.I am using clear beyond XLR now from DAC to pre, and a generi... 
Final Retirement Amplifier-Class A-Upcoming Gryphon Essence Stereo vs Accuphase A75
Hi Audiobrian, Any update on you amp choice after about 2 months?