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Why buying an expensive universal player?
They make great transports. I use a Denon 5910 for a redbook transport and for standalone SACD. I paid $375 for the 5910 which had an msrp of $3,500. Very few transports are being made today, mostly by boutique shops and they are expensive. Everyt... 
Best Live Album Ever...
The Beach Boys in Concert 
Artists that deserve box sets
Stephen Stills 
How can you tell the quality of the recording?
Soundstage does not extend beyond the speakers like a well recorded disc does, bass is missing, imaging is off. The overall sound is thin. All you need to do is buy an original recorded (not remastered CD) from the 80s or 90s and you will know wha... 
QRP/AP The Doors remasters
There is plenty of new "talent" in Rap. But then again, that is not music, just noise with obscene lyrics. 
Buying used or sight unseen speakers a bad idea?
The real risk in buying used speakers is the typical listing - big heavy speakers, seller has "0" feedback, no pictures, and will only take a money order. Wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Also, I would not buy any speakers without plenty of pi... 
Processor Upgrade from Onkyo 885
Dialogue is not as clear and concise as I would like. 
Any U2 Fans Here?
The first time I listened to No Line On The Horizon I had to lower the volume on my preamp four clicks from where it had last been set. Normally it is one, maybe two clicks, up or down if any adjustment is needed. Opening song just blasted with th... 
Predicting the AGon economy?
I would tend to agree with Tvad concerning higher asking prices. I have spent the past month making offers on a processor for my home theater system and getting nowhere. However, that may be based more on the fact that processors, along with wire,... 
Pet Sounds: Most Overrated Album of All Time?
The Beach Boys are the greatest American rock band of all time, ranking only behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in terms of influence on rock/pop music. Pet Sounds is their defining genius. This is timeless music, sounding as fresh today as... 
Warner Bros New Van Morrison Vinyl Reissues
Whatever happened to the the third batch of redbook reissues that were originally scheduled for the end of September? The first two batches were released on schedule Jan '08 and June '08. 
Onkyo sr805 to use as amp and pre-amp together?
I am thinking about doing the same thing - using my 875 for processing and connecting to an outboard power amp. Any user experiences appreciated. 
Jackson Browne's "Time the Conqueror"
To clarify, I don't want to listen to any rock stars politics be they liberal or conservative."W" my idol with a reference to Hitler? News to me. Get a life Lindisfarne. Why are you wasting time posting on this website and not out working for "The... 
Jackson Browne's "Time the Conqueror"
I am thinking about seeing him live again but I don't want to hear about liberal politics form rock stars. 
CD player NOT made in China under $1,000?
No there is not. If you want a "made in quality" piece you will have to pay $2500+ to cover the $30 an hour plus benefits an uneducated semi-illiterate American assembly line worker would command. Oops, I forgot - all those jobs have been outsourc...