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Krell EVO-1, FPB-750MCX or EVO-900
I have the 650m monos and was considering evo 1s as well. Looks like everyone likes the 750 better than the evo 1. I like the 650m because I can put way better power cords on than the stock Krell ones. 
Looking for speaker recommendations
I have mostly stats . I have some alto Utopias for driver speakers. I sell Logan, kef, and bowers . I have some ideas if you want to contact me. Five six one eight zero one twenty five ten. 
electrostatic vs dynamic sound
I had to chime in. I think Sonus Faber is a fine speaker company and beautiful finish. But every time I hear a dynamic speaker I always hear the cabinet. Not to mention  drivers moving. I am also in the business and have sold the Olympica 3 speake... 
What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?
Find some Krell Fpb 350m or mc monos . Not the mcx or 250m. Different world .  
Soundlab speakers
I do  not get on here very much but i had to chime in. I have the ultimate 2 px upgrade panels, a pair of A3s with new mylar and a pair of pristine 2s . I have two systems running with A3s on one and U2 px on the other system. I live in south Flor... 
Paul Weitzel from Tube Research Labs
I was going to start a thread myself about Paul. He was one of my dear friends and like a brother to me. Not to mention the builder of the most amazing audio gear ever built. He will be missed every day. RIP brother. 
Soundlab speakers...how reliable?
Just picked up some A3s that had new mylar installed in 011. I also picked up some A3 pxes along with pristine 3s and pristine 2s . Nothing can compare in my book. After hearing a good panel, driver speakers sound so slow and I can hear the xovers... 
martin logan prodigy vs sound lab m-2
2015 and Here we go again. I have owned the Ml Monolith 3s now for the past couple of years. They have the outboard covers and i am pretty sure these are the ones that were built for the statement owners. I must say they have really Impressed me w... 
Soundlab speakers...how reliable?
Hey Chuckie I am looking for some sound lab U2s .Five six one eight zero one twenty five ten. 
1988 Sound Labs electrostatic model A3 pair
Still have these? 
Review: TRL, Inc. GT-200 Tube amp
Hello doug . What can I say ? I told you so. I think most audiophiles have lost why they became such in the first place. It is first about the music. So many of the audio community are into looks, gear etc , Hey we all have been in that situation.... 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
The bose wave radio times two. How come i am the only one. 
Tube Research GT-100, GT-200, Lamm 1.2 for 4 ohm
I cannot help but laugh every time someone compares other audio components to tube research. I have not heard the ss yet but I am sure it is awsome. First of all tube research is simply to inexpensive for what you get. How can you compare pauls en... 
Budding Audiophile Seeks Speaker Guidance
Hello Kryptonian Like Smallville by the way? Great choice In tvs. If I were you I would try the 2k logans or last years source . You do not need speakers all over the room in a small area. I have a 133 inch sceen in a 17 x 29 room with 2 channel m... 
martin logan prodigy vs sound lab m-2
Duke should never apologize . I am back in 2011 with ml prodigys and tube research gt 400 monos. I also have krell 650m monos. I just owned a pair of m1s with the px mylar. Still awsome speakers but i live In south florida and have no room for the...