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Which Preamp Audio Research LS3B or Sonic Frontiers SFL-1
Right you are adg101.  
Which Preamp Audio Research LS3B or Sonic Frontiers SFL-1
My SFL-1 with a Telefunken 12AT7 was a very neutral, good sounding unit. That's a years ago memory, though. The ARC LS-3 I recall, also years ago, was a balanced version of the LS-1 which was the Line Stage of the SP-9. I performed the "accepted" ... 
Recommend Outstanding Russian Choral Music
Prokofiev, "Alexander Nevsky" Suite or better yet, the Eisenstein Film.http://https//  
What do you think is the best make volume control ?? ALPS NOBLE ????
I’m assuming your ARC pre-amp has a PC board type Alps. The TKD, which is waaay better than the Alps will fit the space but has solder tabs, not PCB hookage. I don't know if any of the others mentioned here or my personal fave Taiwan 28 step ladde... 
What is the perferred material for a TT shelf?
My current solid and my previous suspended table both benefited from being spiked to a 2" thick maple slab isolated (with those ubiquitous) cork/felt constructs from a shelf of baltic birch plywood  screwed down tight to a pair of wall hung cantil... 
MC cartridges and metal platters
Remove your MC cartridge and place it on the side of the platter. If it sticks, don't use it. Send it to me. 
What happened to Jfox
Albert, my archenemy cornfedboy made your list and I didn't? 
Thorens TD124 - Need help starting from scratch
Go directly to Vinyl Engine 
Caravaggio Phono Stage not mentioned here???
Oh, I forgot to ask...amioutaline? 
Caravaggio Phono Stage not mentioned here???
Yes, yes and yes. 
What oil for VPI HW19 turntable?
Astock, thanks for the correction, it's been decades.... 
What oil for VPI HW19 turntable?
Yikes! Q-tips? Where does all that cotton go? Handi-Wipes are the gods gift to woodworkers, machinists; anyone who needs an absolutely lint-free cloth.As for the rest, pulling the spindle 3 times a year is too often for me, YMMV. I can't post the ... 
What oil for VPI HW19 turntable?
Actually, if what's in there is original, or someone else' idea, you should change it.Remove the platter from the bearing well being caerful not to lose the ball. Unscrew the cap at the bottom of the well. Use mineral spirits on a lint free cloth ... 
how to put together 6awg thhn speaker cables
6 awg? 6?You could walk over to your speakers on them and never touch the carpet! 
Two conductor shielded chassis wire
Cardas micro-twin from Percy is what I use. I've also made my own with various wires in teflon, then 1/4" copper braid, then heat shrink tube. Micr0-twin is a lot easier!