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Need help with speaker selection
Did you give your Dynaudios enough time to brake-in? The only sure-bet i could think of it is Harbeth Studio 30. Maybe too polite for H/T, but killer music speakers. 
Otl's with AvantGarde Duos?
Nope, look into Lamm ML 1.1. Avantgarde's sing with Lamm's. 
What other speakers would you consider for this ..
Dynaudio Contour 3.3, with this fine set-up, you need fine speakers! 
Tubes w/Harbeth Compact 7's
Harbeths, bright? Problem is elsewhere. 
Recommendation for marching, war classical music.
Before i saw Godivaa, I could have swear this thread was initiated by Nrchy (A-gon Rambo) 
Help Me Interim Speakers Suggestions?
If still own PS audio amp, i think i would consider Vandersteen 1c, as you suggested yourself. 
Help Me Interim Speakers Suggestions?
I would strongly suggest to check on Harbeth monitors. They are all you are looking for, you might not even go back! Good Luck! 
Point to point wiring.
Ok,...i am sorry! 
Point to point wiring.
"...you and me to bring some life..." Pbb, from Texas millionaire? I really doubt it. 
Eggleston Andra 2 with Tenor or Lamm ???
"...Tenor's will be sweeter and have slightly better clarity and resolution..." "...Lamm polite...?" Says who? Lamm's are THE BEST freakin' amplifiers in the freakin' world! Going direct...? Bad idea! 
Confused about Cayin's Intergrated listings....
In my opinion, Jadis Orchestra Reference is one of the finest Integrated amplifiers ever made. To sum-up your question, that would be one big NO! 
Dynaudio 1.3SE vs. JM Reynaud Trente
Dynaudio does many other things better than JMR's besides bass quality. I will agree with ROYY and keep your Dyna's. Good Luck! 
Dynaudio 1.3SE vs. JM Reynaud Trente
Do not play bass heavy music! Seriously, it would be better if you can use a SUBwoofer and the subwoofers x-over to relieve Dynaudio from reproducing Bass altogether. I really doubt that ANY speaker wouldn't sound bass-heavy in situation described... 
Levinson 383 vs. Rowland Concentra
Nothing wrong with YBA! I like your speakers though. 
Levinson 383 vs. Rowland Concentra
Gryphon Callisto 2100 Integrated Amp, or 2200 used, if you want THE ULTIMATE integrated amp.