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Best speakers around $130k?
If I went to a dealer looking for speakers and his first question was "what's your budget?", I would consider that inappropriate.  Starting off by quoting your budget is probably not going to give you meaningful responses, whether the question is ... 
First tube preamp recommendations (under $5k)
here's an alternative tact - use tubes in your source rather than the pre.I'm not sure what pre you are using but keep it and try a Lampizator Baltic #3 dac instead of the Denafrips.  It may give you all the tube goodness you are looking for. 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
I moved from Harbeth HL Monitors MkIII to Wilson W/P 2/1 about 20 years ago.  Completely different kettle of fish.  No regrets....I've since moved on of course.  It's all part of the journey! 
Purist Audio Design in One word
in this context dense is the opposite of light and wispy.  Full-bodied might be another two wonder.  Send the serial numbers of the cables to PAD for verification if in doubt.  BTW, I have a pair of Venustas SC for sale if you are interested :-) 
Purist Audio Design in One word
I'm a long term user.  They produce a dense, balanced sound on a very quiet background.  I'll leave it to you to distill this into one word... 
The cast of JassFM 91 / Toronto started a new gig!
Well I used to give them  some money every year.  Now I donate to Tidal. I’ll have to check out jazzcast.ca.  
The cast of JassFM 91 / Toronto started a new gig!
Are you in Toronto?  You are aware of allegations of workplace bullying and sexual harassment that led to an exodus of several staff?Anyways I hope they do well with their podcasts but they are a different entity  now from Jazz FM.  
Can someone explain to me why : Accupahse Equipment is that expensive ?
if you have the space and budget, a second A-03 run in mono would likely solve you power deficit...  
Whats in your second system?
My main system resides in a dedicated room in the basement and is used for serious listening.  The secondary system is in a common living/entertaining area on the main floor.  I like it to be unobtrusive.  It features original Sonus Faber Guarneri... 
Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?
Count me in as another Tidal fan.  So much music - too little time!  I am a relative tyro with it but let me share how I enjoy it in 4 different settings:In my main system, I run the latest version of Audirvana + on a Mac Mini which now supports T... 
you're most welcome...Ken 
I haven't used this site for a while but if you can message me your email, I can send you something that might help... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Update - 12 years ago I responded to this thread that I was rocking a BMW 540 wagon and thinking of checking out the soon to be released Cayenne. Well, the Cayenne was too boat-like for me. I did the crisis thing with a 911 for a couple of short-l... 
Has education expanded your listening tastes?
An analogy can be made to food and eating. Some people are adventuresome, try new foods and may then develop a fondness for a particular cuisine or other. Others grow up with meat 'n potatoes and are averse to try anything else. I'm guessing most ... 
Nagra VPA 845 tubes on Wilson Audio Sopias..
they work very well with the Sophia 1 and 2's and I suspect they will do the same on the 3's! A big step up from the Quad II's.şerefe,Ken