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Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
@wyoboy, The all Be Moabs are not on the Tekton website.  
Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
@mbmi, It's interesting that you mentioned the Pascal module as a step up, having heard the Pascal in Aavik, Axxess, and JRDG amps I think you may be correct as those amps all sound top shelf.  
What affects front to back depth in room/ system?
@veerossi Please consider trying 2 Swiss Digital Fuse Boxes, it replaces the skinny wire fuse with a solid copper rod which can pass tons more current and uses a microprocessor to sense current and protect your gear, you can change values and it c... 
Smaller plug-in AC Purifiers -- Shunyata, iFi, Puron...something else? What do you like?
I'm very happy with the improvements the Puron has delivered to my system.  
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
RIP Tony! He was a regular at the shop I worked at, Excalibur Audio in Olde Towne Virginia, he was a wonderful gentleman and a friend. I'll always hear him refer to the treble region as "upper octaves", he will be missed.  
No sneering Please
Some are fantastic, here is a TAS review of the LSWA Warp 1,  https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/lsa-warp-1-power-amplifier/    
Musical subwoofer under $2000
A pair of SVS SB-3000s would be my choice, sweet spot in their lineup, small enough to not dominate visually, and go very deep and loud, the icing on the cake is the remote adjustability via the app, priceless!  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Clayton's room also debuted LTA's DAC, AD chip and ZOTL tube output stage, the system was clear, delicate, dynamically alive, and the bass had weight, quickness, and did have punch when required, welcome back Clayton.  
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
How about dusting off that pair of speakers collecting dust in the attic or garage and getting a pair of Vera-Links for $200 https://www.verafiaudiollc.com/products/best-audio-products/vera-link-53126868, your kid can use their phone to send music... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
@garynospamm, The M3 does a great job driving my VanAlstine M225 monos, for evaluations and reviews and weekends I'll take 2 minutes to put the VAC in the system for that extra tube flavor. I think you will be surprised how well the M3 solo will d... 
Guttenberg reviews Volti Razz
The Volti/BP/TWL room at shows is always an oasis to relax and be involved in the tunes they are playing. They always show together and their friendship is rewarded with consistent top shelf performance, one aspect of many this system reminds you ... 
TV audio into DAC via eARC or better
@chauncey Another option is the Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker, it takes the Toslink in and cleans it up and outputs a SPDIF signal, I get a nice uptick in sound quality compared to Toslink into my Bricasti M3. https://wyred4sound.com/collections/di... 
New DAC! Meitner MA3, Denafrips Terminator Plus, Holo May KTE, Mola Mola Tambaqui
ghasley, I'll guess SW1X?  
Swiss Digital Fuse Box - "What headroom sounds like"
@tubes21 I completely understand how the SDFB works, are you saying the sluggo is in your power amp and the SDFB is inline with it?  
Swiss Digital Fuse Box - "What headroom sounds like"
@tubes21 OK, one SDFB and one sluggo, what component is it in?