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Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
Cary Audio  AIOS.  It has a streamer built in. Sounds great and in the price range. App lets you use your phone for everything.  
Martin Logan vs. Everything
MGIIs in '70s, box spkr x 12, Quad ESL63, box speaker, EMT LFT8C for now is giving me ribbon, planar, and two dynamic drivers. I have kinda given up on chasing now, and I'm not recommending a different speaker. Look at "previously owned" speakers... 
What is the science behind audiophile fuses?
@reimarc  Fuses like any other connector work on transfer with least loss. Everyone already knew that one, right? Then I see people jumping off a dead battery expecting a few hundred (peak) amps to transfer through the .03 square inches of contac... 
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
I was extremely interested in sound quality starting in 1973. Purchased Technics SL1200 with Audio Technica  Shibata tipped stylus, Sony receiver with Dolby FM. A friend that worked at that store had Pioneer Quad system with Quad Open Reel and Ta... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
I like the sound of both styles.  But my electricity is over 50 cents per KWH and I don't have A/C. Makes tubes undesirable.  
What Is Most Important?
Not taking the advice of many of the commenters on this forum.  
How long should speaker cables be?
Long enough to reach the speakers from the amplifier.  
Why do so many people have problems with bass?
The reason most of the commenters here have a problem with Bass is in the word itself.  They are mostly 3/4 of the word.  
Two audio components no one really talks about
This is a good topic.  I have noticed that the bulk of commenters on this forum couldn't hear a nuclear explosion from 100 yards.  Much less do they have a trained ear for critical evaluation of musicality in reproduced sound.  
What Is Most Important?
It's the Radio Shack system syndrome most of the commenters here have.  
The greatest tweak ever?
It's amazing to me that supposedly intelligent persons are so Bigoted and appear to be the people that burned witches.  There is NOTHING that suggests this example is not real.  The people who cannot tell differences in changes like this, cables, ... 
Thinking of adding a sub---maybe not?
I am using a "full range" speaker with Very Good low range specs.  After adding two cheap powered subwoofers, (to see if the results would be enhancing), I was astounded at how the upper bass, midrange, and highs opened up and distortion was reduc... 
Why does a dent to a tweeter not affect sound quality?
Depending on the moment of "denting", the voice coil could have been compromised which may or may not change the sound audibly.  It's possible that over time this may or may not cause a larger problem for the voice coil / driver. 
The stereo sounds fine, music is great, but Jeff Bezos came back to earth.
@earlflynn I just turned 66.  My father was on a PT boat in the  Mediterranean through a minimum of 6 Major Battles.  All four of my grandparents were born between 1894 and 1898.  Sometimes if your parents are both the youngest of their clan and ... 
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
I understand the difference in cable direction is very much like the effect of sniffing glue. Or was that if you sniffed glue, you would claim a difference? Can’t remember."Ringing of high frequencies" ... of a bare conductor. Okay. I won’t comm...