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Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
Accuphase Class A  
Accuphase Bookshelf Speaker Pairing recommend
I have the LS3/5 "Chartwell" from Graham Audio and an Accuphase Class A integrated amp – it's good. Strong recommendation.  
Class A integrated amp recommendations
ACCUPHASE, and it last forever.  
Graham Audio, Chartwell LS3/5  
Need an integrated amp that sounds engaging at lower volume
Listen! I've 2 way, sealed enclosure bookshelf speakers with sensitive 83dB (!) with a classic A amplifier. I have never been better satisfied about dynamic. I don't know why, but that's the way it is 😊  
Harbeth vs Graham audio
Interesting thread. Btw., how is the LS6 compared with the AN-E speakers @leonarend ?  
Speaker massage ...
Thank you @jasonbourne52 and ​​​​@chayro I'm predicate your advices 😊  
Clearaudio Maestro vs Ortofon Cadenza cartridge?
Thank you kingharold! It's a pleasure for me to know. I'm very close to get this beauty, or the Blue one :-/ I have read, that the Bronze is perfect for transistors, transistor phono preamp and transistor amplifier. That's what I have. Thank you f... 
Clearaudio Maestro vs Ortofon Cadenza cartridge?
I am only asking for an advice for a replace of the Clearaudio to a Cadenza cartridge. Now there’s many others options, that I have been told to check out - no advices for Cadenza. Apparently I must look away from my thoughts.Instead I’ve been tol... 
Clearaudio Maestro vs Ortofon Cadenza cartridge?
Cool. ART9 is highly recommended for my phono amp, but people also tells, that the alignment for the ART9 is very difficult compared to many others MCs.Thank you Lewm!  
Clearaudio Maestro vs Ortofon Cadenza cartridge?
No I don't? What better MM cartridge than Clearaudio's Maestro for €1.000 do you suggest? You only mention LOMC. But thank you for your advice. 
Clearaudio Maestro vs Ortofon Cadenza cartridge?
Hi MijostynI have not forgotten you, but I had about the charisma. Now you gave me something to think about ... I have a very good phono preamplifier, it should be great for every kind of MC cartridges, but then you told me about this MM. I’m thin... 
Help me understand John Coltrane .... seriously.
Hi EricIf it must be with Coltrane Quartet, it must definitely be Ballads, with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. It's appetizing.Best regards 
Phono Preamps
Thanks @joey54  
Phono Preamps
Thanks @gasnsteering