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Anyone ever drive active speakers from speaker out
Get a pair of speaker-to-line-level adapters from an auto audio shop or Crutchfield. 
Upgrade Paradigm Studio 20s for music & movies
Keep the Studio 20s for rear channels and get new fronts. 
Best Speakers Compatable with System
If you have the bass modules with the EOS, I don't see any reason for change at all. 
two channel DVD playback with stereo DAC
You are listening to the DVD-V-compatible tracks, not the DVD-Audio tracks. With both the Chesky and Hi-Rez discs, you have the option of this lower resolution (but still pretty good) playback. The 9000ES is NOT a DVD-A player. In fact, I do not b... 
two channel DVD playback with stereo DAC
I'd be surprised if your 9000ES played any DVD-Audio tracks from any of its outputs. 
two channel DVD playback with stereo DAC
Most DVD players have a digital output of stereo signals. Be advised that these are not always the best quality and that the analog outputs may be better. 
JS Bach Motets
TacT has a hairraising MCH DVD-A of the motets. 
Audio Physic Tempo 3i vs Revel F-30: Better Value?
I stand by my statement. If you have heard something you like and you cannot hear something else, you should stick with the former rather than rely on any reviewer. Of course, I am not a gambler. 
Audio Physic Tempo 3i vs Revel F-30: Better Value?
Don't buy any speaker without audition. 
Best of all worlds??????????
You ask ".....shouldn't there be an overall excellent speaker." No. There are many overall excellent speakers but not one. All are imperfect and selecting the one that matches your room, system and, most of all, your taste is the difficult part. 
6 channel amp in a 5 speaker config
No problem. I've used several 6channel amps as 5 channel amps with the remaining channel unconnected to anything. 
Tube Pre for Digital Amp
Good question, Voodoochile. However, one reason I like the SF is that it is not tube-y. It is tight, clean and honest. It may not be perfect (what is?) but it does not compromise the eVo. 
Speakers - Avalon versus Piega?????
They sound quite different. You have to listen to them and decide for yourself which sound you want. 
Tube Pre for Digital Amp
I like the combination of my SF Line3 with the eVo. 
Mark Levinson 360S & use of both RCA and balanced
I use both outputs of the 360s simultaneously.