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Pass Labs Preamps with tube amps?
Thanks everyone... I've decided to stick to my original plan and get a good tube preamp, and then hookup my SET amps, and get a Pass XA25 for solid state.  I chose the McIntosh C22 MKIV for couple reasons, mainly:  * has a tubed MM/MC phono stage... 
Pass Labs Preamps with tube amps?
@laaudionut so no experience with a Pass preamp feeding a SET tube amp? I have several friends that will never rid of their Pass preamps, but with solid state, so trying to get folks that have experienced them with tube amps.   
Circle Labs A200 Integrated amplifier review - It will appeal to both tube and SS lovers……
Any new owners or thoughts on the A200?   
Omega speakers -- mostly sold out, all the time?
I've owned several pairs of Omegas and I prefer his Alnico drivers. Currently with a set of Super Alnico Monitors in customer burled walnut and fumed oak.  @hilde45  Maybe Louis read your comment LOL.. take a look now, is that better? https://o... 
Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.
@chilehed that was my thoughts too. They have to differentiate the two lines or end up cannibalizing the Zen/Zenith series. I was considering a Pulse as an 'upgrade' to my Zen MK3, but once I found out it didn't support direct file playback via c... 
Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.
@grannyring NAS (Network Attached Storage) is connected to your network via Ethernet. There is no direct connection to the Innuos. as long as the two are on the same home network the Innuos will see the NAS. You’ll need to make sure the folder wit... 
Need advice on what to purchase to hold 1TB of music and connect to my new Innuos Pulsar.
Are you 100% certain you can use the USB ports for playing/storing files? Innuos only states it works with a NAS, no direct storage option. I’ve ready it anecdotally over the net, but never got a certain answer. Even innuos site only ever state... 
Salk Future TBD
Very interesting post. I don’t know any of the folks involved there, but being cynical I hope he had some type of contract or something the forbade those ’interested’ from using the design etc in a different business. In the tech industry they cal... 
Innuos Zen vs Pulse
Now that the Pulse has been out a while, and they are starting to show up on used market.  Anyone seen any comparisons of the Pulse vs Zen MK3?  
Audio Mirror Tubadour III vs IV
@txp1 ”release the wallet kraken” LOL!    do it!  
Audio Mirror Tubadour III vs IV
I have the AMT IV dac @txp1  its phenomenal with jazz. I use it with my Innuos Zen streaming lossless and 320k radio.   
Audio Mirror Tubadour III vs IV
@jrizk13 I've never heard a dac that can make mostly bad bricked walled 90's grunge rock sound good :D And I love 90's grunge, just never listen to it in my listening room.   
Audio Mirror Tubadour III vs IV
@mdrone I highly doubt all r2r dacs do this, and I've never experienced this on the AMT, but not sure exactly what you are describing is the same as how I'm interpreting it.  i.e. I can play some complex electronica, daft punk, etc and I don't fe... 
What record cleaner is the most bang for the buck??
+1 for Humminguru Been using it for a couple months now and super simple, and effective. Cleaned a lot of my records nicely. I do a 2 bath method, once with a surfactant mixture, then a rinse with just distilled water.   
The MQA debate is finally over
@kota1 was are the 'minuses' for a FLAC file being a lossless copy of the master?