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Best Tube/SS Amps for Harbeth 7ES-3
I have heard them with Bel Canto and they sounded fantastic. I have been wondering how they would sound with McIntosh? That would be a classic looking system. 
Identifying Polk speakers
Sounds like a Monitor 5 or 7 if it was in 90's 
B&W 801 crossovers
I loved the North Creek upgrade until I sold the Matrix series for my current N802's. Highly recommended if you can find them. 
Cartridge life really only 3 years??
This is scaring the heck out of me. Now I have about $6000 invested in analog and I am contemplating selling it all because the cartridge I have chose as my ultimate reference can only be traded in for new with a 20% credit. That only provides abo... 
Cables for Classe/B&W system?
"Nishna" is right "In a newspaper story photo, I saw my speakers in Jack White's Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville (WSJ 7/10/2009 edition), maybe B&W paid to put them there". I was talking to my local hifi dealer and told me the stor... 
Cables for Classe/B&W system?
Possibly if it's a warm sounding system to you already but if you call PAD and talk with Jim Aud then he could tell you which cable would be brighter sounding. This was a thread that compared Stealth to PAD that might help you.http://forum.audiogo... 
Cables for Classe/B&W system?
I love Purist Audio Design (Venustas) with my Krell/B&W N802's. The Musaeus is a great cable for the money and very inviting so you don't need to spend on the flagship with PAD. Sorry no experience with Classe equipment though. 
B&W 800 Signiture
I could agree with "Thesoundhouse" and the sound being better or worse will be in the ear of the beholder. How bad could either be and at the price why even worry about it? 
B&W 800 Signiture
absolutely, they were $16K to $20K and only the tweeter is upgraded so unless you have to hav ethe diamond. I'd say save some money and grab them because I wouldn't sell my N802's much lower than that right now. 
Anyone tried Soundsmith VPI Zephyr MI Cartridge
Macdadtexas, I have the Classic also and have a Dynavector XX but was contimplating the Grado Reference 1. Why are you keeping the Grado and the Zephyr? I would be very interested in your opinion of the Grado Reference 1? Since I wasn't sure the G... 
Anyone tried Soundsmith VPI Zephyr MI Cartridge
Really? That's great to hear. I have been contimplating the Grado's for replacement cost. Do you know the replacement cost of the Zephyr? What cartridges/TT have you been using? 
Is PS Audio powerful enough for my system
It has a 1500 watt capacity and will power my Krell 300S. I don't like to push it near capacity like Elizabeth pointed out but the 300S draws only about 600W when listening at normal levels for me. I have a dedicated amp circuit that I prefer to i... 
Dumbest reason you were drawn....
I bought an entire Nakamichi Series 7 thinking it was the greatest audio & I learned from that. 
Dynavector Karat or Grado Statement Reference 1
Well I decided to buy a Dynavector XX2 mkII instead. I got a really good deal and could resell it if need be. I have really enjoyed the 17D3 Karat to this point so this should match everything really well. I will see then and probably sell the Kar... 
Dynavector Karat or Grado Statement Reference 1
Is the Grado known to have the hum issue with VPI's or in general due to lack of isolation? I didn't know the Dynavector's were beter isolated but it is looking like I will just be content and keep using it.