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Hegel H300 vs Naim Supernait 2 vs Modwright KWI200
Thanks for the suggestion.Is 60W enough? I forgot to mention the Pass lab INT-150 or 30A.AX5 is just too much $. I'm also considering the small Devialet. 
Aesthetix stellar customer service
The remote is shared between the Calypso and Rhea ...I had a Calypso but I had pressed the Rhea button many times and thought that the remote was broken by mistake.Agree. Aesthetix is a great company. 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
Hi Audiofun,I'm curious about what your opinion is on the 16bit NOS vs 32bit playback when you play ripped CDs.cheers,K 
What Product Did You Overspend On?
audiophile CDs with poor musical contents ... 
Kondo DAC : Why no reviews ??
my guess: since they can't keep up with the demand so they probably need no promotion; so no reviewers samples are made available.come to think of it, who wants to have so much $$$$$ sitting with the reviewers for months? 
Is phase control switch a deal breaker for you?
Dopogue, is Gallo's low-pass filter a 1st order crossover? 
Is preamp remote volume a deal breaker for you?
Deal breaker for sure.I must ask ... can't they just standardize the loudness levels someday? 
Has anybody heard the ProAc D40R????
"They became my best dynamic speakers when I've replaced the tweeters with the RAAL. Better than Response 4!"Does it actually fit size-wise? How did you change the X-over?happy listening,K 
Wilson Audio- The rest of the story
leaving Price/performance aside, how much it costs to make is irrelevant, IMO. It's how much the average 2nd hand selling price that matters. 
Using OPPO BDP-83 - USB drive interface
how does it compare to a CD? i.e. if you RIP the files from a CD in to .WAV or other lossless format, then play it via the USB drive? Do you get better sound?I know some people complain about the file size limitation of 4G (FAT32), which means if ... 
Ryder, I thought you were talking about the PWD. I'm interested in knowing how the "next gen" DACs compare with each other. 
Ryder, which PS audio dac was it? 
Cheap receiver + amp vs Expensive receiver
DTC,If I don't want to use the tube amps for HT, then unfortunately swapping speaker cables is the only option for now unless I buy another pair of monitors just for HT. Wife wouldn't want to see 6 speakers in front of us. 
Cheap receiver + amp vs Expensive receiver
It looks like a 2nd hand Onkyo Integra pre/pro + 2nd hand 5 channels amp will be much better a brand new $2000 receiver! 
Thiel CS3.7 vs WP8?
I think WP8 has a better WAF than CS3.7 in terms of the look.if it matters to you.