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Salience Phono Stage Reviews
Thanks for the info. By the way of much of an inprovement is it using the silver power cord upgrade? 
David Yee Tube amps?
any body know anything about his tube buffer 
Yaqin Tube Buffer
I just purchased a Yaqin cd-3 today. my questions are (1) Is the sound the same if it's connected between the cd player and preamp or preamp power amp. (2) Plus or minus using a none oversampling dac at the same time. 
Help on Esoteric P-500 transport
Bidding on a P-500. Currently using a DVD-50 as player Sorry I sold my DAC. Any info or tips Helpful. 
McIntosh 2505 Power amp
With the Mcintosh 2505 being a 250 with meters, can the 2505 be bridged like the 250? 
Mapleshade tweaks
I personally know Pierre and Ron. I use many of the Mapleshade tweeks with very good results. I think many of us have purchased components or tweeks that did't perform to satisfaction in a certian system. Bottom, line it's no one fit all in anythi... 
Maple platform under turntable, How thick?
Sorry, about my statement. Mapleshade platforms are air dried, not kiln dried. 
Maple platform under turntable, How thick?
I use four inch thick kiln dried Mapleshade platform on islocks under my clear auido Chapion ll table on a four inch thick four self Mapleshade stand with great results. The turn table itself weighs eighty pounds. Kiln dreid maple is soft and to m... 
Gallo 3.1 vs Zen Acoustic Adagio: Are they equal?
The 3.1's have been replace by the 3.5@6000.00 a set. I have the 3.1's on Mapleshade 4" stands, sitting on a Mapleshade 24"x24"x4" platform with three brass footers powered by two Alstine Ultra 350 amps with his Insight inverter bridge and the sou... 
Magnepan MMG for HT
What sub intergates well Maggie mmg, two channel set up. 
How do you determine absorbtion panel placement
Thanks for the info! 
What Amp will go best with Magnepan MMG?
How will Van Alstine Ultra 350 hybrid power and pre amps work with these MMGs? 
Cd transport isolation
My dvd 50 sits on three Mapleshade Mega Mounts that's sitting On a thier 24"x18"x4" platform and thier Samson II isolation rack which has 4" inch shelves. Of the different racks I've used this one is the only one that actually made a difference in... 
Van Alstine preamp sound character?
I agree with Rinnie and Rod 1957. I have an Ultra SL hybrid pre amp w/o phono, two Ultra 350 hybrid power amps, an Insight bridge inverter with an Ultra Hybrid phono pre amp. Out of the box this pre amp was all that and some. I started with one Ul... 
Hi Fi Tuning Fuses & Ayre
Are furuteck fuses directional? If so, besides inverting direction and listening to the difference in sound, how do you determine correct direcion? Is the difference more noticable after about 100 hour burn in?