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How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits
i bought a few of these about a year ago just for fun.  Not much money so why not.  Dude, those fake sound good.   
Kind of Blue
Greatest Jazz recording of all time   
The Music Room
TMR does a good job. Very nice people and easy to talk to  
if you had this system, what would you do to make it sound the best you can
what are you trying to make sound better. the entire system or just one source.  Entire system, upgrade cables and speakers.  Your equipment is very nice.  
List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
Beyond the usual list of artist, check out Al Jarreau Live in London.   
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
All the Martin Logan speakers sound good, price point?  
Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k
Any of the AR or CJ stuff is amazing!!!  
How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?
Really, get rid of the cat!! Easy fix!!!!  
Was I Expecting Too Much
F___ him!!!  Buy your new TT from a different place and make sure he knows you bought it.    
The best speaker cables you’ve had
I saw a MIT guy for many years.  Upgrading them from time to time. Then i bought a used set of Nordost Valhalla 2......Boom!!!!! Changed evevrything!!!!  
50 years of Hip Hop- How Come?
The genre has changed leaps and bounds over the years. you are obviously not listening.  Or maybe you just dont like it.  
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
So many choices with only two answers....... Gregory Porter-Don't Be a Fool Norman Brown-Missing You  
Disappearing Jazz?
SO MUCH JAZZ , now and then!  LEE MORGAN  is amazing!  Nicholas Payton is Fantastic! Only two of so so many!  
Please help me clean up this stupid speaker cable mistake
Mike, you are welcome  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
joes44:   LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!