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Lumin U2 or Aurender N200
You M U S T hear the Lumin U2 with Fiber optic. It is superb!  
Lumin U2 - anyone tried the fiber input??
 Go figure "IIMH" too. Love it.  
A new (huge) R2R high end DAC in town
Good news for those who wish to experience the Aries Cerat Dac. Make the time to attend the Rocky Mountain Show. Visit JW acoustics room where Joshua has featured the Aries Cerat DAC and AMP for a couple of years now. It is on another level sonica... 
Wolf Audio music servers
Just a quick commendation. At Axpona, the Wolfaudio room featured a Wolf server and Horn system that deserves a Suite for better appreciation. It was shockingly very good despite the poor room conditions.  
Sold speakers you really enjoyed?... But why?
Tan43 One amplifier designer I know sold his Rosinante speakers then bought them back from the guy a few years later. Agree the Rosinante speakers (Gabrielle) are keepers. They have been the pillar for my system for many years. Can not beat 95db e... 
Does hard drive noise in your PC color affect SQ?
Blackstonejd I second that...I highly recommend the Alan Maher design AC treatment products spread out throughout the home. IME they are superior to the Harvesters. Alan M has been offering these type of products for many years and they are very e... 
When buying through Agon a buyer should always-
Jeah48 its a great idea. This method is used by Apple when verifying apple id or password recovery. But at the same time even good rated members can decide to "walk" with the last transaction in pocket. There really needs to be sanctioned support ... 
Great Cables ... That Get Little Attention
Since there is no price category specified here, I will mention the Onda Systems cables out of Canada. Unknown by the public but yet celebrated especially by well known manufacturers such as Von Schweikert, Vandersteen and Concert Fidelity. 
grover huffman cables
One additional bonus item to shout about. Grover is a great person to deal with. He replaced a broken speaker cable pin connector by sending me the newer version of the same cable!I was jolted by the experience. 
Onda Cables RMAF, anyone hear them or opinions ?
The Crybaby, just the name has been dropped from the Onda Line up. All the lower cable lines have been upgraded. Essentially, the folks at Onda are introducing high value performance in the lower priced category for the curious to try. Early feedb... 
Speaker Cable for SET amplfiier - 1000$
Virtue Audio makes a remarkable amplifier. Its insane with Onda speaker cables. The Onda company will be in the Von Schweikert room at CES. 
Oppo 95 worth the up grade from Oppo 83 SE?
Desalvo,Would you PM me the modder you used.Thanks 
Upgrade my CD player or buy a DAC?
Another option is to consider a modified player that has a good 24 or 32 bit dac in place. There are many that come up on this site. IMHO, it does come down to cost vs benefits. I Had a M-1 Musical Fidelity DAC($700)that blew me away till I heard ... 
Tube Research Labs Latest Dude Preamp
Its great to see the TRL family back together again. Keep in mind that any public debate surrounding a device issue or customer problem does not work in favor of TRL. Paul had no choice. Happy ending.. 
Success Rolling Opamps in EE Minimax DAC
Anyone care to comment on the influence of the power supply on performance. There are competing DAC designs claiming the importance of power supply chokes or elaborate regulation and transformers to serve as important elements. I suppose this is t...