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What affects front to back depth in room/ system?
While it sounds counterintuitive, side wall reflections impact the width and depth of your sound stage more than I ever imagined. As you consider room treatments, read a few articles written by Art Noxon, owner of ASC (Acoustical Sciences Corpora... 
Puritan PSM156
Can someone explain how the "non-sacrificial gas surge protection" works on the Puritan PSM 156? If there is a surge, does it shut your components down. Then what happens? Also, what is the small black button located near the power cord inlet us... 
Shindo vs the world
I have had several Shindo pieces in my system over the years, and still own the Giscours Western Electric preamp.    Like some of us have found with the Duelund tinned copper cables, the Shindo components portray the real “tone” of the instrument... 
Burn in vs perception
Anyone waiting for that magical 100 hour mark on their Duelund tinned copper wire, or the 150 hour mark on their Rhodium plated banana connectors surly believes that break in is imperative.   
Shocking Lampizator Service
I have had 2 Lampizator DAC’s over the years. One of the original Level 4’s and now a Big 7. Never an issue with the DAC, just a faulty remote. Fred, I guess he’s the US dealer, literally sent me his remote to use until Poland could replace mine. ... 
Question: Sound Treatment behind the Listener?
Art Noxon is the founder of ASC (Acoustical Sciences Corporation). I learned a lot by reading his technical papers.  
Question: Sound Treatment behind the Listener?
Since you are familiar with ASC tube traps, take a look at Art Noxon’s suggestions. I believe a couple tube traps with silver buttons facing the listener is what he would recommend behind your listening position.   
Speaker Cable Recommendations - Under 2k
I’m just beginning my tinned copper journey after reading Jeff Day’s various articles so perhaps others could offer advice to @bstakston regarding Duelund and Harbeth.   
Need advice for upgrading my analog setup
Sounds like you received some great advice. If you love vinyl and really want to get the most enjoyment from your system, become a “student” of the hobby and read, discuss with others about proper set up and room acoustics. 1. Learn how to use (... 
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
Just reporting back as promised. I remounted the XV1s with the Auditorium 23 T1 SUT this time. It’s a totally different presentation. Now I see (hear) why folks love this cartridge. i recently added 2 Audience Front Row phono cables and they get... 
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
Dover, I simply cannot thank you enough for this excellent explanation. Now you know why I studied Marketing and not Electrical Engineering. I think the world is a safer place that way. Thank you again. On a side note, I plan to reinstall the XV1... 
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
Just to close the loop on this conversation. I heard from Dynavector US, and the Auditorium T1 (not T2) is the best A23 SUT for the XV1s. Thank you all who helped me on this issue.   
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
I agree that 100 hours would be better. The first 20 hours were pretty painful, the next 30 hours things improved, but still poor mid base. I hope the next 50 hours transforms this area. I’ll bet I’ve spent 1 year of my “ audiophile life” waiting ... 
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
I also sent a message to Mike at Dynavector to get his input. I’ll report back.   
Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?
According to the dealer, it’s best to have a cartridge with a lower direct current resistance (DCR) than the SUT. The XV1s is 6 ohm and the T2 SUT is 15 ohm (the A23 T1 is 2 ohm). That being said, no harm in trying the T1. Thanks for the suggestio...