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Is the Bi-wire really that bad?
I used to have Mirage 3 speakers that were bi-wire.Used 2 Bryston amps in vertical and horizontal bi-amping then tried just one bi-wired. Best was when I re-wired to a single 2 post system by joining the wires inside the speaker.(easy to do just s... 
Best position for rear channel.
The null spot is to the side of the listening chairs. I have to be closer to the rear speakers than the front so I can't go with a 360 degree arc, me in the middle equi-distant arrangement.Believe me I have tried every spot short of suspending the... 
Loud Hum
Try putting the proceed on the same dedicated line as the Brystons. You may have a problem where the lines at the panel are not on the same phase . If the line now running power to the Brystons is on the right side of your panel and the line power... 
Dedicated Line
I will try the solid core,but hesitate because it will be bent as it snakes it's way from the panel thru my floor joists as I have a basement listening room. I used 2 runs of Carol 10/3 90c(ul)water resistant p-7k 123033-600V from the panel along ... 
How do I get good sounding, clean electricity?
I have run 2 dedicated 20 amp lines using 10 guage shielded stranded copper wire(water proof).The ground wires of these 2 lines are grounded outside the panel buss directly to the copper ground wire that goes to the panel by means of a copper conn... 
Loud Hum
I once had a problem with hum. It was caused by Halogen lite bulbs. I asked a few of my knowlegable friends how to get rid of the hum but nothing worked.Since it only buzzed when the lites were on, I thought why not go to regular bulbs. Presto, no... 
Are you open minded about loudspeaker designs?
For some reason electrostatic speakers sound better than cones in my room.Everytime I switch to a dynamic speaker,I quickly return to a Stat.It's either my ears or the room is just electrostatic friendly. ( stacked Quad ESL 57, Martin Logan CLS 11Z) 
Power Cables for Martin Logan Ascents?
Go with Foundation Research, they also filter out bad current nasties, I use them on CLS.Stat can be like antennas . 
Tally up best amplifier ever
Smooth solid state,time passes, everything the same but the price to get the same sound today is ten fold.