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40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
Give David Berning a call  
@soix, I’m currently using the Modwright Oppo 205, but I have always wanted to try an R2R DAC.  
My new Linear Tube Audio Areo R2R Dac will arrive next week. I will report then.  
Optical Phono Cartridges
After trying many MM and MC cartridges in my system, including a 10K Blue Dragon, I now have a DS audio cartridge, and there is no going back. The lower-priced DS cart sounds better than the best MC cart I've had.  
Best amps for Janszen speakers?
I have used LTA’s ZOTL40 with Valentina’s for about ten years. I have tried many different amps in an effort to extract the best sound from these wonderful hybrid electrostats, and nothing can compete. The David Berning-designed amps are the best.... 
Pass Labs Preamps with tube amps?
The name is on it but Nelson does not design his preamps. They are an afterthought for him.  
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
@skyscraper  Next time you're in the DC area stop in at Linear Tube Audio and have a listen in their new listening room. The new 120-watt mono’s are fantastic sounding and will probably be production-ready in a couple of months. Also, if you're ... 
Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC
I had the opportunity to hear the prototype of this DAC in my system months ago. I was very impressed by how analog-sounding it was, so very musical. I'm told it's been tweaked and improved since then. I can't describe it as a tube DAC since the B... 
Integrated for TAD ME1: Luxman, Accuphase or Soulnote?
+1 for the CODA and used it with the TAD ME-1    
No love for Legacy Audio
I have only heard the Legacy speakers at Audio shows but it has never been good.  
Top Ten Tube PreAmp of all time?
My best preamp to date: Backert Labs Rhythm 1.3   
Timbernation Platform Problems
I had similar issues with them.  
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
I owned those speakers a few years back. I tried a few tube amps but the best matchup was a SS Musical Fidelity M6PRX Power Amp. If I were to go with a tube amp I try a Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40.  
Conrad Johnson Classic 120se vs. Linear Tube Audio 40 Reference Amps
I don't have any experience with Conrad Johnson but extensive experience with David Berning and LTA. I have owned several non-OTL tube amps and the clarity and transparency along with the sweet EL34 midrange of my ZOTL40 amp surpasses them all. I ... 
PS Audio Power Plant P3 to P12
After a few years with a P10, I sold it and got a P15. I could easily hear an immediate improvement. Very happy.