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Upgrades and repairs on hi fi components
Another vote for Morris at George Meyer in LA.  Honest, straight forward, good guy.  Has nine repair stations and has been able to turn repairs around in under six weeks.  
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
Thanks,  I’ll give both stores a call.  They advertise exactly what I’m looking for.  
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
I have two amps:  an EL34 and a 300b.  The later will max out at around 9 Amos while the former does 4.  I’m not big on horns except for those way out of budget.  I’m focusing on 91db+ at 8 ohms. The Focal Sopra 2 and 3, Devore Gibbons,   Stenheim... 
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
I reached out to Aric and they sent photos of the prototype.  Very responsive.  Thanks  
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
My local list of shops now include Common Wave, Sunny Components (Covina), Alma Audio (SD), Upscale and Destination HiFi.  They offer Stenheim, Acora, Legacy, Devore and Coherent.  Aretai makes a speaker that fits my needs but I have to go to Oreg... 
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
Thanks for all the responses-most appreciated.  
Probably not adding much to the discussion but I have a PS Audio transport with a Brinkmann Nyquist DAC.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  Plus, I picked up the transport used so saved a bundle.  I can tell you it is a significant improvement over  t... 
Help recommend a good tube preamp
ALAL great recommendations.  I’ve used a tube amplifier for years and so my choice was the VYL 6.5 pre amp.  It added depth and soundstage to an already sweet system (DAC is a Brinkmann Nyquist).  I live in So Cal and the VTL is manufactured near ... 
Good audio shops Stuttgart, Germany
Living anywhere close to Rebenruette? Know Vetter und Lang?  
Which would you choose for good sounding tube preamp for an audiophile new to tubes.
I have the VTL 6.5 Series II.  I’m just responding to the fellow who said their service was awful.  I’ve texted Bea Lam at VTL twice in the last year and she responded both times with great advice.  So my experience with them makes me recommend th... 
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
The Brinkmann Nyquist, which I own, is the most musical I’ve heard.  It goes to my VTL 6.5 preamp vis XLR.  It does everything you want plus, it’s available new at about $12k.  If you PM me, I’ll give you the name of the dealer I bought from.  
Tubes for VTL 6.5Series II Preamp
I like the sound of the Cary gear so I can imagine what a good upgrade those Tele tubes made.  TY  
Tubes for VTL 6.5Series II Preamp
I’m a long way from NJ!  In Fullerton California.  But your offer is very kind and reinforces why I like this forum.  Best regards, Larry  
Tubes for VTL 6.5Series II Preamp
Much appreciated.  At least now I have a starting point.  
Do hi-end DACs offer true value or diminishing return...
I jumped from a midrange DAC (about $2k)  to a much more expensive one.  But of course I didn’t trust myself so I asked two professional level musicians to be my judges.  Took about 12 seconds for both to describe 1/4 and 1/8 notes on a bassoon th...