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Integrated upgrade recomendations
Just went through this got  a Rotel A14 very happy  powerful great  sound tons of inputs and outputs            
Looking for an old Stereophile review ...
You read Stereophile? why?  
burn in - how important?
Had some expensive speaker cable that sounded great but I replaced it with a much more flexible cable the new stuff was up for 10 then removed  and I was a denier!        
burn in - how important?
Buying a new amp class d sounded weird but post 100 hours it was unreal   just had same experience with a new Class A that sweetened up post some “ on time “        
amplifier longevity
One never hears one ask what the amp sounds Like I’ve gone  through five amps this month class d class ab class A tube and SS v v hard to tell difference  major conclusion- it’s the quality of the recording! that a mess        
Nietzsche and Runaway Audio Consumption
Nietzsche and Wagner were good friends?    
Nietzsche and Runaway Audio Consumption
One of the greatest American Philosopher Soupy Sales said “ what do you mean by that “    
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
My gear sound v good when it adequately masks the tinnitus!    
How much gear do you own?
I just changed from using separates for 55 years over to an integrated amplifier. I sold off 5?listening rooms of hi end gear- quad E 57s, Magnapanar, TAD, AR 3, paradigm, Boulder, Dynaco, McIntosh, Peachtree, Belles etc etc Feel liberated- so h... 
Selling off Tubes for Solid State, A Cooler Love Story?
I had Primaluna in So Florida- they gen too much heat tried Arcam, Peachtree, Rotel   And settled with Rotel A14 my room is small 12/14’ and the Rotel sounds terrific its Class A for low vol and it’s not warm at all sound is terrific      ... 
DISCUSSION: "It only comes out at night". Does anyone else have this experience!?
When I installed a Furman I noticed an improvement in sound  our current is a mess and noisy  
DISCUSSION: "It only comes out at night". Does anyone else have this experience!?
Oh I’ve got it  the speed of sound is faster in darkness!  
DISCUSSION: "It only comes out at night". Does anyone else have this experience!?
Reason it sounds better is because  tired electrons go to sleep and a new  bunch appears ! rested electrons!    
Do speaker wires have to be the same length for each speaker?
Same length speaker cable  not necessary! good cable go to” Blue Jeans Cable Co” great sounding   custom at a v low cost   
Desk top speakers at low cost
Elac 2.0/6.2 bookshelf designed by Andrew Jones  best speaker but not efficient 87dBSPL and 6 ohms   But for the price unbelievable no need for sub with a good powerful amp like 200 watts at 6 ohms Peachtree nova 150