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ARC Ref 6 Tube Microphonics
Hello @agbrace I have the same problem in the last 30 days. I also have listened a noise coming from the transformer on the right just behind the volume dial if I put my ear very close to the acrylic cover. Can you check if yours is also doin... 
Marantz PM Ki Ruby vs Musical Fidelity M6si
I actually have a PM Ki Ruby playing a pair of Revel F208 and had a MF M6si for 3-4 years playing the same speakers and a pair of Monitor Audio Gx300 before them. I upgraded the M6si to a Pass Labs x250.5 and then I moved it for a second system so... 
Banana plugs into Pass x.5 amps
Can you explain better how to remove the brass pin and insert bananas? I have just bought a Nordost speaker cable and only realize that I can not connect to a Pass Labs X250.5 after trying.Thanks