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Lost in the loudspeaker wilderness...
I heartily endorse the Klipsch recommendation. I purchased some Cornwall II's here on audiogon last December and have been very happy with them - you can buy something smaller if you think they are too big, though, for instance the Heresey's. 
Kimber 8TC or NBS King/Serpent speaker cables
I recently bought the 8TC and am very happy with it - I have Klipsch Cornwall II's, by the way. 
Which TT Music Hall 5.1 or Rega P1 or P2
You've probably made your choice by now, but if you haven't, definately go for the Rega - WAY better soundstaging! 
Recommendations For New Table/Arm Under $4k
I would put in a good word here for the Rega P5, with an Exact 2 cartridge and the outboard power supply. I just purchased this combo and am very happy with it. In my opinion it is far better than any of the Project or Music Hall variations I saw ... 
Rega P5 or Nottingham Interspace JR ?
I just bought a P5 with outboard PSU a few months ago and love it. My brother owns a Nottingham Horizon SE, and that also sounds good. I personally would lean towards the Rega, but it would also depend on what other components you have in your sys...