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Best mellow sounding 12ax7 for Thor TA-1000 preamp
I have an owners manual I can scan and email to you if you still need it.┬áMy TPA-1000 Mark II serial number is 231 
Dahlquist DQ10: what is best way to power?
I have pair of DQ 10s I rebuilt last winter. Listening to them right now through a pair of Thor TPA 60w EL34 tube amps, More than enough power and sound great. 
deHavilland Mercury Type 85 tubes - Help needed
I have bought tubes from here a cpl of times. They seem to have a little of everything. http://www.fourwater.com/ 
Help me buy some new cables....
"K2s are being sold for $400 instead of $10k here in the U.S. Is that really possible?" I suspect you already know the answer to that.Morrow, Signal and Clear Day all make reasonably priced high quality cable and you are buying a handmade product ... 
Gallo REf 3.1 Stands?
Steve, I built my own stands when I had 3.1s. If you look at what Gallo does there is a washer on each bolt between the bottom of the speaker and the stand. I simply followed their lead in installed a metal washer as a spacer on mine. I don't thin... 
Why did this fix my problem?
Thanks Ralph,I will put the 100 ohm resistors back and see what happens. Thanks again,Russ 
Budget Chinese Tube amps - any good?
I have had 2 Jolida integrateds, the 502 and the 801. Although both had been modified by Response audio. I liked them both and don't remember having any issues with them. I would certainly buy Jolida products again. 
Why did this fix my problem?
I sent the information off to Kara and she is going to run some calculations and contact me when she gets home from an audio show. I do have one more query. Is it possible that the preamp is passing on this signal from a source? My Modwright-Logit... 
Why did this fix my problem?
Ralph,Thank you for finally getting to the bottom of this. I did wonder for a while if the preamp was the problem because when I sent The amp in to Thor they could not get it to malfunction. The problem was it would only happen in one amp, the oth... 
Why did this fix my problem?
How did lowering the input impedance from 100k to 47k stabilize the DC operating points? 
Why did this fix my problem?
Gsm18439: The company is "The in house service company" at the address below. I am very happy with their service and prices. They quoted me a bench service price plus hourly. After my amps arrived and they got them on the bench they called, and we... 
Why did this fix my problem?
Al, Thanks for chiming in! I have read many of your posts over the years and your thoughts are always insightful. My amp doesn't have any xlr inputs though. I am assuming you read the review on the Crescendos in Stereo Times, I have read that also... 
Why did this fix my problem?
Hifigeek1, The woofers oscillating is where I saw the problem in the first place. I thought it was DC leakage at first. I did lose 1 kt77 tube. I tried everything I could think of..swapped tubes in amp and preamp AND Modwright Logitech transport, ... 
Audio Arts speaker cable vs Morrow audio cable
Goose,I switched from all AZ including Satori Shotgun speaker wire to Morrow a cpl of years ago. For me the improvement was substantial. 
morrow audio cable question
Running the same cables with the same results.