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Marantz SA-1 reliability problem
I read from AudioAsylum that there are TOC reading problems in both SA-1 and SA-14. Do they have the same transport ? Could other owners of these units comment on their reliability please ? 
Which Wadia?
A few months ago I decided to buy a new Wadia 861 and patiently waited. Despite what I was told by the sales rep of Wadia about its availability, it never appeared in my local dealer. I was quite annoyed by their slow response to my emails as well... 
Which model did you order, Sean ? I'm in the market for a SACD player as well. 
Comments requested - Wadia 831 CD Player
Just called my local dealer today, they still don't have the 301 and 861. The 861 was supposed to be in 'good supply by late March' (Wadia rep's own words) and the 301 was supposed to be released in June. I emailed Wadia a couple of times, every t... 
Shipping to Japan? Any advice?
The voltage in Japan is 100 V, NOT 110 V. 
Krell KSA150 or Aragon8008BB
The KSA-150 has long been discontinued. What warranty ? 
where I might be able to find spk spades
Audioquest has several sizes of spades available. I bought four pairs of large spades for about $15. 
Review of Online Dealers
Try looking up www.resellerratings.com. After reading many of the horrible stories there, I decided to only buy my gear from local dealers or large national chains. Good luck. 
Availability of Wadia
I received a reply from Wadia yesterday, 13 days after I sent my second email. They said there is a 4 week backlog of orders for the 861, and don't have a firm release date for the 301 yet. 
Availability of Wadia
Thanks for the info. Good to learn that the company is alive. I emailed Wadia a few days ago but have no reply yet. Their slow response just makes me a bit concerned. I think I'm going to put a hold on my planned purchase for a while. Thanks again. 
SCD-1 can be purchased at 2850 new.
Topkat, do you mean your Marantz SA-1 blew away your Wadia on both SACD and CD, or just SACD only ? Please clarify. Thanks. 
My Mark Levinson system help
I would have thought this is a forum for open discussion. Beemer (Paul) certainly has a right to his opinion, why did he get slashed ? Lev335, you are the one who asked in the first place, is it courteous to Paul to call his view 'nonsense' ? 
Converting balanced to RCA?
I mail-ordered the Neutrik RCA to XLR adapters from Markertek for $10.95 a piece. They came assembled and worked perfectly. 
B W monitors too bright?
I've audited N801, N802, N804 and own the N805. I've never found the Nautilus series bright at all, in fact this is the first time I hear this comment. Try compare B&W with Thiel and you'll find Thiel much brighter. 
B&W Nautilus 803 & 804 Vs The World
Can one judge a speaker's performance by its frequency response alone ? Does a flat response from 50 Hz to 20 KHz imply that it is a good speaker ?