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'they blew'em off the stage'
In 1987 I was in the front row when The Cult opened for Billy Idol.Idol was pretty good, but The Cult just brought the house down. 
A packing solution for Audiogonitis carriers
Kudos for the swim noodle suggestion!I am a compulsive hoarder of quality packing materials like egg crate foam, and inflatable insulation, not to mention any cardboard box that looks "just right." 
Counterfeit Electronics??
This has been an issue for ages, except that ebay and shady online retailers have propageted it further. M&K Speakers went under last year due in part to the cost of trying to stamp out counterfeits. 
Tubes at Best Buy. Yes, it's true.
All sarcasm, London Drugs here in Canada has been marketing the Vuum tube amp with iPod dock for couple of years now with surprising success.http://www.vuumaudio.com/VTi-B1.htm 
2 10" subs equals 1 12" or 15" sub?
Since the intellectual heavy lifting has mostly been covered, I thought I would ask if anyone else watched and enjoyed the episode of Mythbusters where they build a 52-inch aluminum bass driver into a diesel Mercedes, and powered it from the drive... 
Very Compact Subwoofer
Douglas_schroeder, are you building it into a cabinet?I'm very pleased with my Sunfire Super Jr, but it's a dual driver unit, so not an easy install if it's enclosed. Other than that I second the Velodyne Micro-vee series. 
Best Cheap Speakers - New or Old
04-02-07: Regalma1Give PSB a try. Amazing sound for the money.Eleven years ago, I paid $30 for my PSB Alphas that are now hooked up to a Denon integrated in my downstairs office. I have definetely gotten my money's worth!About 15 years ago, I got ... 
Pioneer stop Plasma production.......
Wowzers, this is a damn shame. 
What's Toshiba replacing the Toshiba HD XA2 with?
At the moment, Toshiba swears that they won't make a Blu-ray player.but who knows how long that will last 
Video scaler question
As much as I love video scales, calling one an "investment" is misguided: price compression plus the migration of features and technology to lower price units means that they don't hold their value for squat.Regardless, consider a scaler if you ha... 
The CD you most listened to back in 2007 ?
Stan Getz Quartet: Pure Getz, on SACD. 
What's the best HD DVD player under $1,500
Integra's DHS8.8 HD-DVD player retails for C$1200, but it's not exactly a big seller... 
Wife wants a black faced receiver to replace Rotel
An entertainment stand with a door?Off topic, but I can't tell you how glad I am that TV's are black again. I worked for Sony when the first XBR Wega with the champagne silver cabinet was released. The quiet opinion amongst many of us at the time ... 
What's your favorite remake of a song
In 1992, Elektra Records celebrated their 40th anniversary with Rubaiyat, a 2 disc set that had all their current artists covering their older artists.See the Amazon ad for the tracklist, it's pretty diverse. 
Who has the best plasma monitor these days
I'm pretty much onside with the brand reccomendations already made, re: Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi and Fujitsu.That said, I would say that if you state that you're in the market for a 42 or 50-inch panel, consider going bigger still. You might ha...