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Does anyone have an update on Thor Audio, for repairs, etc? 
Von Schweikert VR4JR & Tube Amp???
Check out rives' equalizer. It's exactly what you need to kill the bass. 
Head's up on Thor
I also have a TA-2000Mk2. I think Thor is a serious piece of equipment for the high-end audiophile. GREAT warranty, but an awesome sonic preamp. This is my final preamp purchase. 
My Revel Studios...They're Gone...Help?
The revels were sold because right now my dog is a puppy and I don't want the grill that comes with the Studios - it's too prone to damage from a clumsy dog(s). I'm considering buying used monitors for the next 6 months and then, when the dog gets... 
My Revel Studios...They're Gone...Help?
Do you think the Thor 60 watt amps can power the Kharma Exquisite Midis? 
Revel Salons in an enclosure?
Mistake #1: You hired an interior designer, not a room acoustics engineer. Hire the engineer first, and then let the interior design deal with the structure created.Mistake #2: Seriously listening to an interior designer stupidly suggesting that y... 
Amp with Revel Ultima Studio or Salon
I use Thor's 60 watt tubed monoblocks with my Studios. Amazing sound, definitely among the best amps made. Wonderful build quality. I used to have a large SS amp, which was very good, but if you really, really want to take a step up, take a look a... 
Opinions regarding JMlab Alto Be?
You simply must look at the Revel Ultima line. The Studios and Salons are amazingly neutral and they have full range capability. I have an awesome front end (modded Denon 2900, SS output stage) with, in my opinion, the best preamp and amps (Thor A... 
Trelja and friends in New York, 2004
I'm a serious Thor believer. I own the TA-2000 preamp and the TPA-60 monoblocks. Simply unbelievable. Music lovers rejoice. Worth every dollar, and Paul at Thor provides extraordinary service unmatched by any other service I've every asked for in ... 
Tannoy Turnberry vs Revel Studio vs SF Cremona
I own the studios. They are extremely NEUTRAL and true to the component chain preceding them. If you have an analog front end, you'll have an analog sound. If you have a digital front end, you'll have a digital sound. No one will consider these to... 
Are the performance of separates worth the price?
there are some pretty good separates and some pretty good integrateds. I think your own ears will lead you the way that it is best for you.My ears led me toward separates, but these things sure take up quite a bit of room! 
Analog Domain EQs
Socprof,Your analysis is the same as mine: I don't want a digital EQ in my signal chain if there is hi-res source material playing. That leaves analog EQs as the only choices. Not many options, outside of Rives' solution and studio EQs. I'd be sur... 
Analog Domain EQs
ah, the DEQX is 24/196. Interesting...looking forward to your comments on the device. Are you connecting between your preamp and amp, or between your source(s) and preamp? 
Talkin' bout YOUR generation...
Color Me Bad's "I Wanna Sex You Up" or Bobby Brown's "Just Dance" are probably symbolic of the late-80's/early nineties emergence of hip hop in mainstream music. I fell under the evil spell back then, only to wake up years later realizing how horr... 
Analog Domain EQs
Looking forward to your comments, Ed. I couldnt find any information on the DAC/ADC, except that its 24 bit - no word on upsampling. Where did you purchase yours?