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PrePro or Integrated Receiver 4 Family Ent Center
With receiver, receiver w/ pre-out driven by amp, or pre/pro, they all run hot as far as I know. Your amp may run cool, but not the receiver or pre/pro. With the fan, you will hear the noise, which may defeat the purpose of going separate (assumin... 
Home theater furniture - husband vs. wife
My wife fell in love with cherrywood Salamander Twin Synergy 40 the fist time she saw it. That was easy. :> )It sells itself. I didn't have to do anything. 
Setting up a subwoofer
Sorry Uncertainsmile for the wrong post. I had multiple windows opened w/ a bottle of Heineken in my hand at 12AM. Thus, the rest is history. :> ) Now I'm sobber and reading the thread, I go, "huh?" 
$3000 Speaker/electronics budget
Actually, I like Memeboy answer very much. 
Setting up a subwoofer
Ha ha ha. That is pretty funny, Uncertainsmile. I like your response. I think that I could feel what you wrote. When I posted my answer, I knew that Rfjaudio had a pretty good sub, as he posted another thread regarding the calibration for his Jame... 
Recommendations on movie scenes for subwoofers
I have a DTS demo DVD. It has clips from various movies, such as Hero, Master and Commander, Kill Bill Vol 2, and some others which I cannot remmeber. If you still want some more bass, get War of the World w/ Tom Cruise in it. When the first tripo... 
In-Wall Speaker Placement Question
Personally, I would get the Martin Logan Therater i to mount on top of the plasma. The center speaker would be angle down. It sounds awesome and would be a great WOW factor. That speaker looks so sleek and sexy. 
What is the difference btwn dolby digital and dts?
Rws1950, Can I cook an omlette on DTS?I was sitting down, yet I fell of the chair. So much for the sitting down. 
HT 2.1, dumb question.
Hi Reubent,Since my wife is watching TV right now, I'll check the Pioneer DVD player later to see if there is a Stereo mode. Regarding the PCM, I believe that there won't be signal sent to the subwoofer via the optical audio. Whenever I watch or l... 
What do you hear?
Oh wait, I now hear my computer hums too now that my left ear pays more attentions than the right one. It's time for an ear check or wax removal. 
What do you hear?
I'm hearing the clicking sound of my keyboard as type this response, and it gets louder as I put my ears closed to it. 
How does my set-up sound?
I think that Monster quad wire is for biwiring incase your speakers have four binding posts. If not, combine 2 wires for each binding post. 
Best Sounding In Walls
Snell AMC2000. I listened to it once while watching U-57 movie. Phew! 
Best 7.1 pre amp used or demo for 2000.00???
If you have a plasma TV and like to listen to DVD-A, that little display screen on the Rotel can come in useful. Other than that, it is Geek's Gold for sure. Parasound Halo C1, Fosgate FAP T1, and ATP8500 by ATI have 5" screens. The new Fosgate FA... 
Or you will get used to it. I had 12' distance from a 42" Panny Plasma. At first, I went "Wow" with my head tilted back to increase further distance. Over time, I get used to it. Now I think that it is too small and wish that I had a 50" instead.