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Bogdan Audio speakers
Any info on Bogdan audio speakers. 
Teton monitors from Wavetouch Audio - A Must Hear
After such a great endorsement I think it would be helpful to hear from Audioman58 with his thoughts on why the Wavetech SE did not stay long after purchase.I was going to take him up on his offer to demo them but they were sold before I could get... 
Kudos Cerious Technologies Customer Service
I also agree that you definitely get your moneys worth.Bought a Nano Reference power cable that is still breaking in.Very pleased with the results I am experiencing.The bonus is that Bob is very helpful and a pleasure to talk to. A hard combinatio... 
Review: Lahave Audio Khara Speaker
Hi Bill,could you give an updated opinion on the Lahave speakers since your purchase and review.I am looking for feedback on several speakers I am considering and the Khara really has peaked my interest. Thanks 
Hegel H200
My amp search led me to the Hegel H200 and two seperate auditions in my own system,thanks to a local dealer.It is "very good" and highly recommended,especially at its price point.My search ended when I auditioned the Hegel H4SE. 
SOVEREIGN Glory Amplifier. How good is it?
Hello Hic,is the Sovereign still available.joshmandie@comcast.net