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OHm micro walsh series...
A couple of other manufactures that make nice omnis....http://www.cd-konzert.com/loudspeaker.htmhttp://www.german-physiks.com/... 
Hard Drive - Audio Logic 2400 HQ CD transport?
There is an excellent list on this subject called PAMS on YAHOO:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PAMS 
Organ CDs with really deep bass
Have you seen this title from PentaTone?http://www.pentatonemusic.com/pags/toccatadef2.htmIt is available at www.acousticsounds.com if you are interested.You may also want to check out http://www.sa-cd.net/search.phpand enter "organ" in the search... 
Consonance 2.0 Volume too loud
Iseekheils,The XLR outputs on the Consonance 2.0 are NOT balanced. It is the same signal that is feeding the RCA! Two pins on the XLRs are grounded. I also thought the same until I opened it up and proved it to myself.. 
How to bypass the HDCD chip on Moon Eclipse cd .
You need to make sure you have a HDCD encoded CD. There are over 5000 but not all of them are marked as such. Check their website. 
Philips 963 Sound Modifications
If you haven't purchased a 963a yet, I would look at the Pioneer 563a. I just got one modded by Alex Peychev (http://www.aplhifi.com/Pioneer563a.html)Wow, what a unit...all for under $700 and it includes the player. It still isn't broken in but th... 
Universal Players. Marantz 8400 vs.Denon 5900
Dougdeacon,At first I thought the same thing but, if you read on Wally's site, he mentions:"In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification houses Parts ConneXion and ModWright, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer carefully tested, factory-author... 
Universal Players. Marantz 8400 vs.Denon 5900
Dougdeacon,Regarding Underwoodwally, he sends them to Chris Johnson (of Sonic Frontier's fame). Parts Connecxion has already modded well over a dozen of the 5900s.Incidently for those interested, they honor the Denon warranty after it is modded...... 
Decent SACD?
I agree with you Rsbeck. RedBook performance is VERY VERY GOOD. I have owned the XA777ES. I'm currently considering getting the Consonance SACD 2.0 player which is based on the XA777ES transport and DACs. One should be able to purchase it for unde... 
Sacd / Dvda universal players
The Marantz 8400 DOES NOT convert DSD to PCM.--Lenard 
Sacd / Dvda universal players
Deven just so you know, the Marantz 8400 is a second generation universal player.--Lenard 
DVD-A, XRCD..... where do YOU get them online?
Also http://store.acousticsounds.com/ has them. 
PayPal versus C2it
Sugarbrie, you could also do a bank transfer when paying and not incurr any fees. You don't need to have funds in the account. Avguygeorge, did you call Paypal about this error?. They have a toll free number and are easy to access.I just can't see... 
PayPal versus C2it
Hi Rap, - there are no fees with Paypal if you have a Personal account and the other person sends you money from existing funds in their Paypal or Bank account. If you want to except Credit Cards then you have to upgrade to their Premium account (... 
I called Richard Vandersteen
PCC,You don't think by now someone has pointed out the Audiogon thread to him? Maybe....just maybe....he has decided to be a little nicer to this customers now?I know I would after reading a thread like that! :)