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What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
Makes you think you could walk into that amorphous acoustical shape in front of you and listen to what you hear from in front, behind and to the sides. 
How important is bass to you?
Brian Bromberg - Wood 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Steely Dan and Elvis Costello at 360 Amphitheater, Circuit of the Americas. 
Two Shelf Amp Stand?
Grand Prix Audio 
Ayre MX-R Twenty upgrade
Got my MX-Rs back today from being upgraded to MX-R Twenty. I'm a happy camper! 
Dynaudio alternates for near back wall
I don't know your budget, but Wilson Audio Duettes are designed for that application. 
Pono anyone?
No respect is a LOT different than not having a preference. No respect implies a lack of honesty and integrity, neither of which Ayre possess. I'd be more careful of my word choice in the future. 
Ayre MX-R Twenty upgrade
I originally sent one of my MX-Rs in for replacement of an output device that was falsely triggering on overtemp and my dealer lent me his that were recently upgraded to Twenty status. My word what a tremendous difference. It's an entirely new pre... 
Sonus Faber Wall speaker ???
I have 3 pair in a 7.1 config with a Solo. As I recall they were $1200/pair new. So you can use this as a basis. 
determing reflection points
That's exactly the way to do it and is more than a close approximation. To augment that, once you see the first reflection point, keep sliding the mirror down the wall until you see that other speaker and treat that spot as well. Rinse and repeat ... 
Tube Preamp vs Solid State
I don't know what your budget is, but I and at least one other have Ayre MX-Rs paired with a Nagra PL-L. It's a stunning combination. I suspect both of these can be purchased at "reasonable" prices. There are certainly others, but this is a good s... 
Cardas Golden Ref vs Magnan Signature vs MIT S1.3
My entire cable "loom" is Cardas Golden Ref. Admittedly, I've not experimented with other brands as the physical layout of my system precludes doing so. But I must say I've been entirely satisfied. 
Bass Attenuation - best approach
I have a PARC and it worked wonders, but only after treating the room with Tube Traps. Have you tried that first? 
Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways an HBO documentary
Austin is on the list. They're taping an ACL segment here tomorrow night. Agreed, very good, in depth series that's really about the music. 
Why are there no botique car audio recievers?
Burmester for Porsche, B&O for BMW, Mark Levinson for Lexus