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Rogue M180 or Antique Sound Lab Hurricane DT?
Finally I've got a pair of Rogue Apollos. Thank you very much for your opinions. 
Brinkmann vs TW Acustic
Dev, Can you tell me your opinions about the EA MM3s? I'm considering purchasing a pair in the used market, but still didn't find any...Thanks. 
Magico V2 vs. Q1
Do you know anyone selling a pair of EA MM3s? Thanks. 
Wilson Alexia - what's the competition
Do you people know anyone selling an EA MM3 for a good price? Thanks. 
Tannoy or JBL
Anyone heard the Evolution Acoustics MM2 or MM3? 
Tannoy or JBL
I'm in Ecuador... 
Tannoy or JBL
Kiddman, thank you very much for your comments. BTW, my Apollos are an upgraded version with too many tweaks (you can review them in my virtual system). Thanks again. 
Anyone try the Bryston BDP-2 or the BDA-2 Dac
How many fuses and value for tha BDA-1 and BDP-1? 
Tannoy or JBL
Kiddman,Do you think that my current Rogue Apollos will be a good match for the 67000's?Thanks. 
SR PowerCell 10 SE MK2 or Running Springs Jaco?
Finally bought an used SR Powercell 10 SE MK2. Let's see how everything sounds like when it arrives. Thank you all for your comments. 
Considering Bryston BDA-1 for non-USB use
I have one, and for my ears, it sounds great. Anyway, it's my first separate DAC. 
SR PowerCell 10 SE MK2 or Running Springs Jaco?
My budget is around $2500. How can a power conditioner be outdated? 
hydra 8 vs hydra 6 differences
I'm in the process of getting some of your products.My options are: Used Hydra 6 or New Venom PS8 + Defender.Which one is the best option?Thanks. 
Amp for Usher BE-20 ?
Will my Rogue Audio Apollos be a good match for these speakers? 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
DCCA Pro XXL 6" foil power cord.