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Amp — Leave on or turn off
On 24/7/365  
Everything matters! Some items more or less than others and sometimes might not be noticeable to some. But everything makes a difference!  
Looking For 18awg Audiophile Power Cable Options
@dekay  Those are the cables that I use in 14awg. I have three of them and yes, they are cheap and give piece of mind.  
Ozzy is done
He definitely had a great run! 👊  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
B.B. King  Live at the Royal Albert Hall  
Worth upgrading my cables?
@designtaylor  I don't know where you are located, but if you are close to Fall River, Massachusetts you are more than welcome to come on by and I can demonstrate how much cables make a difference... You would be blown away by how much of a drama... 
Worth upgrading my cables?
You would absolutely benefit from changing your speaker cables to Morrow, but I would at least go to the SP-4's. I had SP-6'S and sold them because I needed a longer run. I replaced them with Canare 4S11's and everything completely collapsed! Pres... 
Large mid/bass, soft-dome tweeter, high(ish) sensitivity
I had the Linton's, but unfortunately I returned them because the highs were too rolled of for my liking... I was in love with the cabinets on them though... Beautiful looking speakers with their stands!    
HiRes lossless FLAC Radio streams
@zappas  "Rather pick my own music." I felt the same, but then I thought about the idea of discovering new music/artists by listening to RP and it's really paid off. Granted that most of the time I do pick my own music, but not always. Enjoy the... 
What was the most impactful addition to your system?
You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
@jerryg123  +1 "It was as much a BS post as the marketing you are whining about. You have given them more marketing awareness than any ad copy they could write. Nice work!"  
Stager Silver Solid Interconnects
@rbischoff  I gave up   
You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
Marketing is nothing new as it's been around for many years and the Morrow Audio cables do make a substantial difference as you move up the line, so I don't understand what all the fuss is about?! It's not a bogus product that is ripping people of... 
You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
@moonwatcher  "I miss the days of Monster Cable."   It was all we had besides lampcord and we thought it was good! 😜😂  
You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
I have Morrow Audio Dig-4, MA-7’s, SP-7’s and I’m very content with my little humble rig. I have been using Morrow Audio for about 13yrs now and I completely understand where everyone is coming from on both sides of this. I haven’t tried any other...