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15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
I second the recommendation of an Esoteric N-01XD.  I love mine.   
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
Used Focal Scala Utopia EVOs are in that range or just above it.    
Aurender A15 or N200 with Mac C2700
Thanks. I really did not do much comparison. It was in the Mac system that I demoed at Overure. They said that they use the Esoteric for most demos. So I bought it.  
McIntosh MC 901 vs MC 3500 Mk2
The 901s take up a lot of floor space.    
McIntosh MC 901 vs MC 3500 Mk2
I went with the 3500.   I really like them.   
Aurender A15 or N200 with Mac C2700
Doboree - I only listened to the N05-XD.  By the time that I was looking, the XD was the current model.   
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
Esoteric N-01XD?  
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Agreed about Jerry Garcia in his later life.  As his voice got worse, his singing got better.     Also Mick Jagger.  As Chris Robinson said about Mick “Man, for someone who can’t sing, that guy can sing!”  
Speakers that are good with tubes
Thanks for the replies.  I have Focal Scala Utopia Evos.  They sound really good.  I wished that I had bumped up to the Maestros though.  I just didn’t know if there was a general type of speaker to steer toward.  Magico S5 and M2s sounded good.  ... 
Speakers that are good with tubes
I understand the value and intrinsic benefits of smaller tube per amps.  In my case, I opted for power and have a pair of McIntosh  MC3500 Mk2 power amps being driven by a McIntosh C2700. I am running Focal Scala Evos which sound great, but what a... 
Amps for Focal Maestros
I paired my Scala Evos with a Mc C2700 and a pair of MC 3500 mk2 power amps.  Source is an Esoteric N-01XD network streamer and DAC.   All connected with Clarus Crimson cables.  It sounds really good.  And loud.    
Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
I believe Esoteric’s have firmware that can be updated.    
Changing melody and tempo songs
Midnight Rambler by The Rolling Stones. It speeds up, slows way down and then picks beat back up.  But the beat never changes.   
What Gear is Universally Adored?
Aurender A15 or N200 with Mac C2700
Agreed about digital being able to rival analog.   I ended up with an Esoteric N-01XD.  I find myself no longer putting albums on the turntable.