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looking for an a/V installer- specialist in the Chicago/Hinsdale area.
Google CONTROL 4.  for local dealer installers. they have the products and expertise you request. 
Value of Technics SE-A3Mk2?
ebay has sales history for the purpose you seek.  Ebay asking prices are of little help if you really want it sold. 
Any comments on the Sony XBR-X930D TV and the LG OLEDB6 TV?
wait.  January CES  will reveal the next generation of Oled . Sony has abandoned Oled those they did preview were a small screen model. 
Randy Hansen Machine Gun
Saw him at Park West in chicago a couple decades ago. check out Frank Marino  you tube and Amazon reviews . Hendrix  covers and  influence on numerous  cuts plus plenty of quality original material 
Please comment on your experience with Plantation shutters. Yes they look great,
sounds like the decision has already been made 
Atmos: Non Ceiling Speakers
ATMOS execution could never be recreated without ceiling speakers.ignore such manufacture tomfoolery. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Cream revisited.  BBM.   Comprised of Jack bruce, Gary Moore and Ginger Baker,    another obscure English  band  -  STRAY DOG on ELP 'S.  manticore records.  Blues rock!   Enjoy 
Need a decent universal remote to work with a Magnum MD-208 and Oppo 980H player?
Look at the choices from RTI 
Automatic Tables
Bang & olefsen 6000 or 8000 with mmc 20 cl cartridge. These are inherently resonant,  a quality isolation device is reccomended.  
Modern Jazz (as in recent) Music Suggestions
Billy cobham.   Terje Rypdal 
DUAL SUBS IN THE $10,000-$15,000 RANGE
Deep sea sound 
Android phone/Pandora/stereo set-up
Radio shack has what you need.about $8 depending on length 
Transmission line Subwoofers?
Bag End subs 
Atmos In-ceiling speakers
There will definitely be atmos demo rooms at CEDIA middle of September in Dallas I believe. Atmos is just getting traction. See what is gping to be featured as this develops. Bide your time and check out JAMES LOUDSPEAKERS as another current optio... 
Preamp phono suggestions
Zd542 To clarify I am looking for suggestions on separate units a preamp and free standing phono stage.